War Between The States
Confederate States of America

41st Alabama Infantry
Company A

Washington W. Williams

Washington W. Williams,
Co. A, 41st Alabama Infantry


T. G. Trimmier was in Co. A, 41st Alabama Infantry with Washington W. Williams.  Larry Thomson of Lacey's Spring, Alabama is a direct descendent of T. G. Trimmier. We want to thank him for the following picture and information from a letter, T. G. Trimmier wrote to his wife Molly, on June 15, 1862 from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I have abstracted information from this letter.

T. G. TrimmierTuscaloosa, Alabama June 15th, 1862

My Dear Molly:

Your kind letter was handed to me the other day and should have been answered but this is the first spare hour I have had since receiving it.  We have squadron drill at 6 1/2 in the morning, company drill from 10 1/2 to 12, then study tactics until 4 PM.  Then we have battalion drills from 4 to 6 and at 6 1/2 dress parade, then roll call.  After this we go immediately to bed.  So, you see how my time is taken up.  I could have written to you after supper, but for the want of candles, this could not be so.

Our regiment is improving and if Col. Murphy is allowed to do so he will have the regiment well drilled in two or three weeks.

Col. Tolbert reached camp this morning.  We were all glad to see him once more among us.  This morning William Holman, our Chaplain, preached a good sermon in a grove near by and only a portion of the regiment turned out to hear him.

Give yourself no uneasiness about the small pox.  It was all a false alarm through the excitement was pretty high at one time and three or four companies came very near breaking off from the regiment but all has quieted down now.  It turned out to be a case of chicken pox. . . . . . . . .

The balance of the men have received their bounty money yesterday and my company was the first paid, being Company A.  I am unable to say when we will leave this place as the order to Columbus has been countermanded.  I can't say when we will draw any pay but it will be some time first.

If I had the money I would send to Montgomery and get me a uniform complete for $100.00, but money is in Mobile or in Smith's hands and I don't when I can get it.  I feel daily the want of one. . . . . . . .

Dear Molly, you spoke of your troubles increasing which I suppose is true but you must bear up and move fearlessly.  Remember that you are a soldier's wife and may be a soldier's widow and I would like to hear of you setting a good example before the wives and mothers of those who are with me.   Like the Spartan woman, they should tell their sons, brothers and husbands to return victorious or return not at all.
. . . . . . . .

Our company is enjoying the best of health of any company in camps.  Wash Washington was discharged from the service this morning by the surgeon who says he has the consumption.  He retained his bounty money and will draw his monthly pay up to the date of discharge.  Stanly Thomas has the measles adn there is one or two cases of slight colds.  That is all the sickness in the company.

Our men are all in camp except twelve on furlough.  A furlough is hard to get. . . . . . . .

Kiss all the children for me. Tell Starlin and Jim to be good Negroes.

Yours affectionately,

T. G. Trimmier

Letters from T. G. Trimmier will be published in book form.  If interested contact Larry Thomson  at  his email address: cpq11h2e@bellsouth.net

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