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The Unruochings of Unrochids, were a Frankish noble family who established themselves in Italy. The family is named for the first member to come to prominence, Unruoch II of Friuli early in the 9th century.

King Berengar I of Italy belonged to this family. Berengar left no male heirs, but the descendants of his daughter Gisela and Adalbert I of Ivrea including their son Berengar II of Italy, Berengar II's son Adalbert, and Adalbert's son Otto-William, Duke of Burgundy, are counted among the Unruochings.

For us, Unrouch II's parentage is a matter of conjecture which we are attempting to straighten out. At this time we are not posting anything.

Unrouch (Unroch) II, Margrave of Fruili
, son of Unrouch I?,  Berengar and East Frank? .married Engletron (Engeltrude) of Paris, daughter of Count Beggo of Paris and Alpais (Aupais) De Aquitain, Princess of the West, daughter of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) and Hildegard Von Vinzgau of Serbia.  Unrouch and Engeltrude had a son, Berengar the wise de Toulouse who was killed in battle about 836; a son, Eberhard Count di Fruili about 815; a son, Amadee de Friuli, Count de Payn Langres, about 825 and died after 827; a daughter, Ternois di Friuli, born about 825 and married Count Gebhard Nieder-Lahngau; a son Alard, Abbot, St. Bertin, and Amadeus, Count De Burgundy, born about 827.  Please see House of Ivrea.  

Eberhard, of Friuli, Marquis, Margrave was born circa 815 and died 16 December 866. Alternate spellings of his name are: Everard, Evrard, Erhard, Eberhard, or Eberard. He spelled it, "Evvrardus". He kept a large library, commissioned works of Latin literature from Lupus Servatus and Sedulius Scottus, and maintained a correspondence with the noted theologians and church leaders Gottschalk, Rabanus Maurus, and Hincmar. He inherited the title of Duke of Friuli from his father Unruoch II Margrave of Friuli. His mother was Engletron (Engeltrude) of Paris, daughter of Count Beggo of Paris and 
Alpais (Aupais) De Aquitain, Princess of the West. Eberhard married Gisela Princess of France and the West. Gisela was born in 818 AD in Frankfurt, Hesse, Nassau, Germany. She died 1 July 874 AD.  Gisella was the daughter of Lous I (The Pious) Roman Emperor and Princess Judith of Bavaria.  Eberhard and Gisela had children, Eberhard  circa 837 – 840, Ingeltrude 837 or 840 – 870, probably married Henry of FranconiaUnruoch III circa 840 – 874, Berenger I King of Italy, born circa 845 AD and died April 924 AD in Verona, Italy, Adélard died 874, Rudolf, died 892, Heilwig, died 895, Gisèle (d. 863),  Judith of Friuli, first married Arnulf I of Bavaria, and second married Conrad II of Auxerre.

Berengar, Count De Toulouse, was killed in battle 836-837. He was a son of Unrouch II and his wife Engeltrude .  Comte de Toulouse.  Einhard's Annales name "Berengario Tolosæ et Warino Arverni comite" as fighting "Lupus Centulli Wasco" in 819.

Unrouch III or (H)unroch III  was born circa 840 and died 874, after 1 July  was the margrave of Friuli from 863 to 874. He was the eldest surviving son and successor of Eberhard of Friuli. He married Ava, a daughter of Liutfrid of Monza, and left a son Eberhard of Sulichgau, but was succeeded by his brother Berengar. He also left a daughter who became a nun in Brescia and was abducted by men of Liutward of Vercelli in 887 and forced to marry one of his relatives.

Berenger I King of Italy and Holy Roman Emperor  (from 915 until death)was born circa 845 AD of is parents, Eberhard Marquis and Margrave of Fruili and Gisela Princess of France and the West. He became Margrave of Friuli after his brother, Unrouch III died. Berenger married Bertila of Spoleto, born about 850 AD, died 7 April 924
AD. They had a daughter, Gisele of Friuli, born 870 AD in Frankfurt, Hesse, Nassau, Germany, married Adalbert I Margrave di Ivrea 900 AD in Ivrea, Torino, Piedmont, Italy.  Berengar died 13 June 910 AD. 

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