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Inception of the House of Ivrea

Anscar I was the Margrave of Ivrea from the year 888 until his death  From 877-879 he was the Count of Oscheret in Burgundy.  Anscar and his brother, Fulk the Venerable, Archbishop of Rheims strongly supported Guy III of Spoleto for the throne of France after Charles the Fat was deposed in 877.  Guy failed in is attempt to gain the throne with the coronation  of Odo, Count of Paris, as a non-Carolingian king of France. Guy returned across the Alps and was elected King of Italy. In gratitude for Anscar's help Guy created a large frontier county, the March of Ivrea in northwest Italy and invested his supporter from Burgundy. The capital was Ivrea. The section served as a buffer between France and Italy. Anscar and his people are referred to as Anscarids a medieval dynasty of Burgundian origin which rose to prominence in Italy in the tenth century  and briefly held the Italian throne.

Anscar fought Arnulf of Carinthia when he invaded the area in 894 and supported Lambert after Guy died that year. When Arnulf invaded again in 896 Anscar came to the defense again.When Lambert died, he supported Berengar of Friuli as king and became his counselor.
Margrave is the English and French equivalent of the German title of Markgraf (from Mark march and Graf count) is  analogous with princely titles in other languages.
King Charles the Fat
Charles the Fat  of France
Odo of France
Odo of France
In the early eleventh century the margraviate became vacant and the Emperor Conrad II did not appoint a new margrave.

Amadeus Count of Bourgogne
(Burgundy) was born circa ???809 and died 860.  His father was Hunroch or Unrouch  III, Margrave of Fruili and mother, Countess Engletron (Engeltrude) of Paris, daughter of Beque (Bego) Count of Paris and Alpais (Aupais) De Aquitain, Princess of the West, daughter of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) and Hildegard Von Vinzgau of Serbia. Amadeus married wife unknown and had a son, Anscar de Oscheret, eventually Anscar di Ivrea.

Anscar Margrave di Ivrea I was born in 843(?) and died in March 902 . He was the son of Count Amadeus de Bourgogne circa 809-860 and Engeltrude  de Paris (?-?) and Alpais (Aupais) De Aquitain, Princess of the West, daughter of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) and Hildegard Von Vinzgau of Serbia. Anscar was the Count of Oscheret in Burgundy before going to Ivrea.   Anscar and his wife (unknown) had one son, Adalbert I di Ivrea, who succeeded him. For more about Anscar I  Engltron (Engeltrude) de Paris (born about 810 - ?) Engeltrude's father was: Count Begon de Paris Birth: 757. Death: October 28, 816. Begon's parents were: father, Gerard I de Paris (?-779) Death: 779 and mother Rotrude de Franks (?-?). Rotrude's father was Carloman de Franks (c710-754). Carloman's father was Charles Martel (686-741)Birth: in Herstal, August 23, 686. Death: in Quierzy-sur-Oise, October 22, 741 and his mother Rotrude of Treves (690-724) Birth: in Austrasia, 690. Death: 724, Speculative information.

Adalbert I Margrave di Ivrea was born 849? and died circa 923.  His father was Anscar of Ivrea and mother unknown. He and his wife, Gisele of Fruili had a son, Berengar di Ivrea.

Berengar II Margrave of Ivrea and King of Italy was born 919 and 
died on 6 August 966..  His parents were Adalbert I of Ivrea and Gisele of Fruili.  He married , before 936, Princess Willa of Tuscany, who was born 924 in Tuscany, Italy, a daughter of Boson di Toscana, Marchese di Toscana and Willa II  di Borgogna  They had children: a daughter, Urraca d'Ivrea. She married Gozelo I, Duc de Basse-Lorraine, son of Godefroi, Comte de Verdun, a son, Adalbert, King of Italy died circa 972 a son, Guy or Guidodi Ivrea, a son, Conrad di Ivrea, and a daughter, Princes of Italy Susanna Rozala, born between 950 - 960,

After Berengar's successful uprising of the nobles in 945, all real power and patronage in the Kingdom of Italy was concentrated in his hands, with the actual king only having nominal influence.  After Hugh of Aries withdrew to Provence and left his young son Lothar, as titular king. Lothar died in 950. Berengar attempted to gain legitimacy by forcing Lothar's widow, to marry his son, Adalbert, she  being the respective daughter, daughter-in-law, and widow of the last three kings of Italy. Instead she entreated the protection of Otto, King of Germany. Berengar then seized the opportunity and declared himself king, with his son Adalbert as co-king. Adelaide's requests for intervention resulted in Otto's invasion in 951. Otto received the homage of the Italian nobility and assumed the title of a King of the Lombards. He forced Berengar to pay him homage (952) and married Adelaide himself. Berengar and his son Adalbert remained kings as Otto's vassals. After 960, they attacked Pope John XII, on whose appeal Otto marched into Rome and was crowned emperor (962). John's subsequent negotiations with Berengar caused Otto to depose the pope and capture and imprison Berengar in Germany (963).  His consort was Willa, the daughter of Boso, count of Arles and Avignon and margrave of Tuscany; she mistreated Adelaide when Berengar held her captive for several months in 951. The chronicler Liutprand of Cremona, raised at his court at Pavia, gives several particularly vivid accounts of Willa's character. She was held captive in a German nunnery.

Guy or Guido Margrave di Ivrea  born 940 and died  25 June 965 was the margrave of Ivrea from 950 to his death. In 950, his father, King Berengar II of Italy, appointed him to rule in the familial margraviate.

Conrad Margrave di Ivrea died 1001 was the Margrave of Ivrea from 970 to his death

Adalbert, King of Italy was the son of Berengar II d'Ivrea, King of Italy and Willa  di Toscana.1  He married Ermengarda of Tuscany, daughter of Adalbert, County of Tuscany.2 He died circa 972. Adalbert, King of Italy succeeded to the title of King Adalbert of Italy in 950.1 He was deposed as King of Italy in 963.

Princess of Italy Susanna Rozala
, born between 950 - 960, died 25 Jan 1003. She married Arnulf II 'the Younger', Count de Flanders, son of Baldwin III, Count de Flanders et Artois and Matilda Billung, circa 968. She died on 25 January 1003. She was also reported to have died on 7 February 1003. Rozela d'Ivrea was also known as Susanna. Child of Rozela d'Ivrea and Arnulf II 'the Younger', Comte de Flandre Baldwin IV, Comte de Flandre born circa 980, died 30 May 1036.  who married in 968 in Normandy, France, see Arnulf II, Count of Flanders for more.


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