Our Soldiers Cemetery

Third National Confederate States of America flagAlabama State SealAlabama State flag
G. W. Barefoot Co. F, 15th AL d. 03 Jun 1862
John W. Bridges Co. F, 15th AL d. 09 Dec 1862
Alonzo B. Brindley Co. E, 12th AL d. 12 Jan 1862
Thomas S. Bryan Co. G, 13th AL d. 21 Dec 1862
Andrew J. Bryant Co. D, 13th AL d. 25 Nov 1862
Bryant Bush Co. C, 3rd AL d. 01 Dec 1862
Wm. H. Caraker Co. D, 15th AL d. 08 Dec1862
Wm. R. Carter Co. D, 15th AL d. 22 Nov 1862
W. T. Crow Co.I, 9th AL d. 30 Jun 1862
Nathaniel T. Duke Co. I, 15th AL d. 01 Jan 1862
John F. Foster Co. B, 12th AL d. 22 Nov 1862
A. J. Gibson Co. E, 6th AL d. 01 Dec 1862
Cpl. Wiley M. Hall Co. B 15th AL d. 24 Nov 1861
John R. Harder Co. F 15th AL d. 09 Jan 1862
Thaddeus C. Harper Co. B, 15th AL d. 27 Nov 1861
Jackson Hise Co. B, 15th AL d. 25 Nov 1861
M. W. Hooper Co. A, 15th AL d. 27 Dec 1864
J. S. Howard Co. H, 48th AL d. 17 Dec 1862
Charles C. Johnson Co. L, 15th AL d. 16 Jan 1863
A. J. Kehely Co. C, 5th AL d. 20 Nov 1862
Thomas G. Lessley Co. K 10th AL d. 13 Nov 1862
Joseph P. Lindsay Co. F, 15th AL d. 07 Jul 1862
David S. Logan Co. F, 15th AL d. 27 Mar 1862
Thomas H. Luther Co. C 9th AL d. 23 Feb 1862
Robert J. McIntosh Co. K 12th AL
William Mims Co. F, 12th AL d. 09 Nov 1864
R.R. Morgan Co. A 11th AL d. 05 Aug 1863
W. H. Perryman Co. G, 44th AL d. 19 Dec 1862
Sgt. James M. Porter Co. K 61st AL d. 10 Sep 1864
John Porter 12th AL
Joseph B. Porter Co. C, 61st AL d. 11 Sep 1864
Benjamin Rice Co. I, 47th AL d.01 Dec 1862
John J. Riley Co. C, 5th AL d. 24 Nov 1864
P. M. Robertson Co. K, 48th AL d. 22 Nov 1862
John Rogers Co. B 61st AL d. 26 Aug 1864
H. H. Saxon Co. E 10th AL
James W. Spence Co. A, 5th AL d. 23 Nov 1862
James Tomblinson Co. A, 8th AL d. 15 Dec 1862
J. B. Vail Co. E, 5th AL d. 11 Dec 1862
Thos. H. Walden Co. H, 15th AL d. 18 Jan 1862
Wm. H. Weaver Co. F, 15th AL d. 29 Jan 1862
Stephen M. Wiggins Co. H, 15th AL d. 27 Oct 1862
W. H. Wood Co. C, 13th AL d.06 Jan 1864

Bugle Confederate soldiers with flag Confederate Cavalry

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