Tennessee-Oir Soldiers Cemetery


Third Nationial Confederate States of America FlagTennessee State SealTennessee State Flag
Sgt. Philip M. Koonce Co. G, 1st Turney's TN d. 03 Dec 1863
Lazarus Smith Co. G, 43rd TN d. 17 Nov 1862
Thomas S. Sparks Co. I, 1st TN d. 23 Nov 1863
Asst. Surg. John H. G. Turkett 7th TN d. 29 Jul 1863


Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag

Confederate cavalry horse

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Texas-Our Soldiers Cemetery


Confederate States of America Third National FlagTexas State SealTexas State Flag
E. W. Snider Unit not known

1st Cofederate Flag

Battle flag bearer

Confederate cavalryman

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