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24th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Generl Jubal Early
Brig. Gen. James L. Kemper
Brig. Gen. William R. Terry
Brig. Gen. William Terry
Gen. James Longstreet
Lt. Gen. James Longstreet
General Robert E. Lee
General Robert E. Lee
Confederate infantry man
The 24th Infantry Regiment was assembled in June, 1861, with men from Carrol, Floyd, Franklin,  Giles,
Henry, Mercer, and Pulaski Counties. The unit  served under Early at First Manassas, then was assigned
to Early's, Kemper's, and W. R. Terry's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia.  The 24th participated in the
campaigns of the army from Williamsburg to Gettysburg except when detached to Suffolk with Longstreet.
Later,the 24th was involved in engagements at Plymouth and Drewry's Bluff, the Petersburg siege north
of the James River, and the Appomattox operations.  

The regiment contained 740 men in April 1862, and reported 189 casualties at Williamsburg and 107 at
Seven Pines.  The 24th lost  4 killed, 61 wounded and 14 missing at Frayer's Farm, and had 8 wounded
at Fredericksburg and had about forty percent of the 395 engaged at Gettysburg disabled.  Many were lost
at Saylor's Creek.  No officers and 22 men surrendered on 9 April 1865.

The field officers were Colonels Jubal A. Early and William A. Terry; Lieutenant Colonels Peter Hairston,
Jr. and Richard L. Maury; and Majors Willian W. Bentley, Joseph A. Hambrick and J, P. Hammer.
Confederate infantry man

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