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48th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel Robert H. Dungan

Colonel Robert H. Dungan
Colonel Robert H. Dungan
Robert H. Dungan was shown to be a student at Emory and Henry College, Smyth County, age 25,  in the 1860 census.  When 26, he enlisted.as a Private at Seven Miles Ford, Smyth County,  in Company D on 18 May 1861.  Robert was promoted to 1st Lieutenant by 1 July 1861. On 17 July 1861 and 18 July 1861 he was detailed to arrest deserters in Smyth County. Dungan was then detailed to company recruiting duty, from 12 February 1862 through 6 April 1862.  On 21 April 1862 he was elected Captain of Company D.  He was present  30 April 1862 through 25 May 1862, and was "Complimented on the battlefield by General Turner Ashley for the brave and gallant manner in which he defended the retreat of Confederate troops".

Present from 31 May through 6 June 1862, until Wounded In Action at Ceder Run 9 August 1862. He was then absent until 22 September 1862. He was present by 13 November through 2 January 1863, when he was unanimously recommended by the board of promotion to Lt. Colonel, with date of rank being 16 October 1862. The board noted, (he) was "of steady moral habits, obedient to orders, a very efficient officer."  Robert Dungan was Wounded in Actions again in the evening  at Chancellorsville on 2 May 1863, "only slightly" when "struck in the breast by a solid shot, but fortunately, so far spent that it broke no bones. Dungan was absent  though 22 June 1863.  On 23 July 1863 Dungan was present and commanding the regiment then the brigade.

Robert H. Dungan was present commanding the regiment through 6 October 1863, when he was promoted to colonel with date of rank set to 3 May 1863. He was absent 22 October 1863. He was present 28 October through  31 January 1864 when furloughed 24 days leave.

Dungan was shown as "Present" 20 February 1864 though 24 July 1864, when he was wounded in the foot at Kernstown.  He was present, and commanding the 2nd Regimental Group, 24 August 1864.  He was then detailed "to collect absentees," 15 September 1864 to 15 October 1864. He was present from 31 October through 12 February 1865 when he was furloughed on 18 day "leave of indulgence" to be married.  He was paroled at Appomatox Court House 9 April 1865.

After the war he was a teacher in Chilhowie. He was the founder of the Jonesboro Male Institute, in Tennessee, a staunch Democrat and member  of the Missionary Baptist Church. Robert H. Dungan died in Bristol and is buried there.

Reference: 48th INFANTRY By: John D. Chapula,  H.E. Howard, Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia

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