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48th Virginia Infantry Regiment

CSA button George Riley Clifton was working as a laborer in Russell County when he enlisted at the age of 19.  He was a Private in Company K. George was captured 12 May 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House.He was listed as a POW at Point Lookout from `8 May 1864 to 30 June 1864, and as a POW at Elmira 24 August 1864  to 21 March 1865.  He had contracted pneumonia and died there. He was buried  at Woodlawn Cemetery, grave # 1538 or 1823.

CSA button James McDonald Cole  was living in Smyth County when he enlisted at the age of 24 on 18 May 1861.  He was a Private in Company D. Two fingers were shot off his right hand  during the Battle of Manassas, 28 August - 30 August 1862. He was medically retired 27 October 1864.. James McDonald Cole was age 51 and living in Smyth County, 16 April 1888.

CSA button Thomas Cole enlisted, in Company K on 2 July 1863. He was wounded in action by a gunshot in his right leg, fracturing the lower third of his thigh, on 3 July 1863 in  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  He was captured 4-5 July 1863, there in a field hospital. 
CSA button James V. Dungan was a farmer when he enlisted at Seven Miles Ford, Smyth County on 1 July 1861. He 48 at the time he began serving in Company D. He was a 1st Sgt. He was present until 15 October 1861. He was absent, sick 1 March 1862 through 30 April 1862.  He was discharged with disability in October 1862 . James V. Dungan died about 1865.

CSA button James W. Dungan was a carpenter before he enlisted and became a Private in Company D.  He enlisted at age 25 in the field , Smyth County. on 5 April 1862. He was present 20 April 1862 and 13 November 1862. He was in the hospital in Charlottsville from 13 February 1863 to 14 February 1863 Unfit for duty, detailed, nurse and yardmaster, Charolettesville, 16 February 1863 through 31 January 1865.

CSA button John R. Dungan was a 17 year old student in the 1860 census. By age 18 he had enlisted on 18 May 1861 at Seven Miles Ford, Smyth County.  He was a 5th Sergeant  in Company D.  John was present through 15 October 1861. He was hospitalized  sick, near Winchester 4 February 1862 through 28 February 1862. He was reduced to private by 22 March 1863 when he was hospitalized  with typhoid fever in Charlottsville until 1 April 1863, when he died.

CSA button Thomas W. Dungan was listed in the 1860 census as a 23 year old teacher residing in Smyth County.  Thomas enlisted in the 48th Infantry, Company D as a Private, joining in the field at Seven Mile Ford.  He was present on 30 November 1862.Thomas W. Dungan had been  promoted to 1st Sergeant by 2 July 1863 when he was Killed In Action, "shot by a minnie ball in the head," at Gettysburg, Pa.

CSA button Hugh J. Dye was listed as a laborer in Washington County in the 1860 census. At the age of 25 he enlisted in the 48th Infantry in Abingdon, Washington County.  Hugh was a Private in Company F on 15 June 1861 and was present through 15 October 1861. He was hospitalized in Lynchburg, 1 April through 30 April 1862. "Took sick about  about 1 July" 1864 and sent to Lynchburg.  On 9 May 1903, Hugh J. Dye was living in Washington County.


48th INFANTRY By: John D. Chapula,  H.E. Howard, Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia

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