Confederate States of America 1st National FlagConfederate States of AmericaCommonwealth of Virginia Flag

61st Virginia Infantry Regiment
Confederate States of America 3rd National Flag61st Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA
Company E
Border Rifles

Captain: Jetson Jett

First Lieutenant: L. W. Godfrey

Second Lieutenant: William Drewry

Third Lieutenant: Walter C. Ives

First Sergeant: Gustavus W. Portlock
First Sergeant: James M. Wilkins

Sergeant: Dennis M. Etheredge
Sergeant: Augustus R. Pitt
Sergeant: Cammilus E. Tatem
Sergeant: Alonzo Ives

Corporal:Thomas Williamson
Corporal: Curtis O. Ives
Corporal: Joshua Charlton
Corporal: L. W. Charlton


Ballance, Martin Wounded August 19, 1864
Butt, Andrew Wounded July 3, 1863, Killed 
Butt, Thomas Died 1862
Brinkley, William D. Died 1864
Cartwright, Dempsey Killed May 12, 1864
Charlton, Samuel Q. Died 1862
Cherry, Absolem
Cherry, Richard
Corbit, Richard Died October 1863
Creekmore, John W.
Creekmore, Wesley P. Died 1862
Curling, Bartlett
Curling, Edmond Wounded May 12, 1864; Captured August 19, 1864
Cutherell, George
Cutherell, Milton Wounded July 30, 1864
Cutherell, William E. Killed may 12, 1864
Deford, Richard H.
Dewberry, William T. Captured October 27, 1864
Edmonds, Luther Musician
Edwards, Griffin Wounded April 7, 1865
Etheredge, Frederick Killed may 8, 1864
Etheredge, Isaiah Captured October 27, 1864
Ettheredge, John Captured October 27, 1864
Etheredge, Martin
Ferrebe, Grandy Wounded August 19, 1864, Died
Foreman, John E.
Foster, James S. Captured July 3, 1864
Gammon, Joshua B. Killed August 19, 1864
Gifford, Samuel Killed August 19, 1864
Gammon, Alex Killed May 12, 1864
Gibson, William M. Discharged 1864
Grimes, John F.
Gwynn, Ashbury Captured August 19, 1864
Gwynn, Frederick Died 1864
Gilbert, Thomas Died may 1862
Hall, Cary W.
Hall, James S.
Hewett, M. W. Discharged October 27, 1862, disabled
Hanbury, Fred
Hanbury, Horatis B.
Hanbury, James C.
Hodges, Daniel Died October 1863
Hozier, Jeremiah. E. Wounded May 12, 1864 and August 19, 1864
Ives, Felix G.
Jarvis, Alex Killed July 30, 1864
Lane, James E. Killed June 2, 1864
McLean, John A.
McPherson, Peter Killed August 19, 1864
Only, Absolem, Discharged - disabled
Only Alexander Killed May 12, 1864
Osborne, Raison Wounded, May 12, 1864
Ottley, William N. Captured October 17, 1864
Owens, George
Portlock, Thomas E. Died 1863
Rudd, William D.
Saunders, William D. B. Killed May 12, 1864
Stewart, Thomas Killed May 12, 1864
Stokes, James
Stokes, Robert 
Stokes, Wilson F. Killed june 22, 1864
Tatem, Benjamin F.
Wagner, Lewis
Williamson, Charles C.
Williams, Elton  Wounded August 19, 1864
Williams, Henry Wounded May 12, 1862
Wilkins, W. L. S.
White, William F.
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Joshua T. Captured August 19, 1864
Wright, Benjamin Killed May 12, 1864
Lindon, Mitchel
Killed and died --- 29

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