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John Argall was born in 1425 in Cornwall, England

John Argall was born about 1450 in Tregloseck, Cornwall, England

Thomas Argall was born in 1500 in Lambeth, Surrey, England. he married Margaret Tallakarne, born about 1518 in Cambrose, Cornwall, England. They had a son, Richard Argall, born in London England.

Richard Argall was born in 1536 in St. Faith-the-Virgin, London, England. He married Mary Scott, born about 1546 in Scott's Hall, Brabourne, Kent, England.
Their children were:
  1. Elizabeth Argall, born about 1570-1575 and died on 9 August 1630 in East Sutton, Kent, England and buried there.  She married Sir Edward Filmer of Kent in 1585. and had eighteen children in all, most of who survived infancy.
  2. Thomas Argall, born 1572 in East Sutton, Kent, England, died 4 March 1605 at Chingford, Essex, England and buried in East Sutton Park  Richard Argall died in 1588 in East Sutton, Kent, England. Mary Scott Argall died  in 1605 in Maidstone, Kent, England. He married Katherine Bocking. They had no children. Thomas was a lawyer.
  3. Sir Reginald Argall was born 1574 in East Sutton, Kent England, died by 2 December 1611 in Walthamstowe, Essex, England. He married Anne Cheyney, 7 April 1599. They had no children. He was knighted at Hampton Court 1609. His wife had children from a previous marriage.
  4. Richard Argall was born in November 1576 in East Sutton, Kent, England, christened 4 December 1580 and died 31 March 1614, in Colchester, Essex, England. He was not married.
  5. Samuel Argall was born in November 1580 in East, Sutton, Kent England. christened 4 December 1580, Canterbury, Kent, England. He was a mariner, adventurer, and Governor of Virginia. He died aboard ship and was buried at sea 28 January 1626.  Knighted in 1622 at Rochester. He came to Virginia as a trader in 1609. He captured Pocahontas. Check this link for more information.
  6. John Argall was born in 1577 in East Sutton, Kent England and died 3 March 1642, in Great Baddow, Essex, England and was buried there. He married Sarah Grant in London in 1604. They had three children.
  7. Catherine Argall was born circa 1581 in East Sutton, Kent England and was still alive in 1625.  She married Randolph (Raynold) Bathurst Esquire of Horton, Kent, England.
  8. Jane Argall was born circa 1579 in East Sutton, Kent, England.  She died 5 May 1645. She married Sir Paul Fleetwood (Fletewood) of Roshall, Lancenshire, England about 1604.
  9. Sarah Argall was born about 1583 in East Sutton, Kent, England
  10. Margaret Argall was born in 1571 in East Sutton, Kent, England. She died 20 September 1609 in Aylesford, Kent, England.  She married Edmund Randolfe, Esquire.
  11. Mary Argall was born 1572 in East Sutton, Kent, England, christened 2 November 1572 and died in 1617.  She married Reginald (Raynold) Kempe, Esquire, of Wye, Kent, England 11 December 1590 in Wye, Kent, England
Elizabeth Argall married Sir Edward Filmer in 1685.
Please see Filmer for more information.

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