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Charles Ashton was born in Lincoln, England in 1621. and died in 1672 in Northumberland, Virginia.  He married Isabella de Clare, daughter of Richard Clare, born 1600 in England.  Isabella de Clare was born 1625 in England and died 1653 in Northumberland, Virginia.  Charles and Isabella had a son, John Ashton, born 1647 in London, England.

John Ashton was born in 1647 in England. and died in 1677 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia.  He was the son of  Charles Ashton and Isabella de Clare. John married Grace Meese, daughter of Henry Meese and Mary ___,  (a) Princess of  the Potomacs. Grace Meese was born about 1648 in Virginia and died 9 September 1677 in Prince William , Virginia1.  John and Grace Meese Ashton seven children: Frances, Charles, Henry, Priscilla, Grace, Mary and Sarah Ashton, born in 1675 in Stafford, Virginia.

Sarah Ashton was born  in 1675 in Stafford County, Virginia and died in 1749 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford County, Virginia. Sarah married Colonel Philip Alexander 1688 in , Stafford County, Virginia.  They had a daughter, Elizabeth Alexander born: 15 September 1698 in , Stafford County. and a son, Philip Alexander born: 22 July 1704 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia,  She was the widow of  Colonel Phillip Alexander2 when she married Thomas Clifton about 1706, in Richmond County, Virginia.

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