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Hugh Belcher was born about 1460 in Northants, England.  He married Havis Belson, daughter of Thomas Belson.  Hugh and Havis had one son John Belcher.

John Belcher was born 1478 in Stafford England.  He married Elizabeth Saunders, born 1480.  They had one son Edmund Belcher.

Edmund Belcher was born 1506 in Guilsborough Co., Northants, England.  He married Emma Belcher Wryley born 1510, daughter of Cornelius Wryley.  They had one son William Belcher.

William Belcher was born 1525 in England Elizabeth Randes Sanders.  They had one son Henry Belcher.

Henry Belcher was born 1575 in Warwickshire, England.  He married Mary Mitchell, born Warwickshire England.  They had one son William Thomas Belcher.

William Thomas Belcher was born 1615 in Warwickshire, England.  He married Tabitha Bartlett 01 August 1636 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.
They had one son Robert Belcher.

ert Belcher was born 1649 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  He married in 1669 Virginia, Phoebe Isham, born about 1650 in Henrico County, Virginia.  Robert died in Henrico County, Virginia and Phoebe died 29 December 1735 in Virginia.  Robert and Phoebe's children were: Robert, born in Virginia 1670 and died in Virginia; Phoebe born about 1673 Isle of Wight, Virginia; William born 1674 Isle of Wight, Virginia; Richard M. born 1678 Henrico County, Virginia; Bartholomew born 1680 Isle of Wight, Virginia; Joel born 1684 Isle of Wight, Virginia;  Edward born 1688, Isle of Wight, Virginia and Robert Born 1700 in Virginia.

John Belcher was born 1670 in Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Frogley 1689 in Henrico County, Virginia.  He died in 1739 in Virginia. John and Elizabeth's children were: James born 1694 Virginia; John born 1698 Virginia; Robert born 1700 Virginia; William born 1707 Virginia; Richard D. born 1710 Henrico County, Virginia; George born 1712 Virginia; and Isaac 1714 Virginia.

Richard D. Belcher born 1710 in Henrico County, Virginia. He married 1732 in Wythe, Virginia Mary Obediance Clay born 1710 in Prince George County, Virginia.  Richard died October 1763 in Chesterfield County, Virginia and Mary died 1770 in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  Their children were: Isham 1732 Chesterfield County, Virginia; Richard Jr., 1730 Henrico County, Virginia; Elizabeth Ann 1740 Henrico County, Virginia; Phoebe 15 April 1742 Henrico County, Virginia; Thomas 1746 Henrico County, Virginia; Robert 1746 Henrico County, Virginia; William 1748 Henrico County, Virginia; Benjamin 1749 Chesterfield County, Virginia; Henry 1750 Chesterfield County, Virginia; and Jesse 1764 Henrico County, Virginia. 

Phoebe Belcher was born 15 April 1742 in Henrico County, Virginia.  She married Mitchell Clay April 1760 in Franklin County, Virginia.  Phoebe died 1813 in Giles County, Virginia and Mitchell died 1811 in Parisburg, Virginia. Their children were: Patience died 1866; Sallie born 1862; Tabitha 1763-1783; Rebecca 1764-1844; Bartley 1766-1783; Ezekial 1767-1783; David Peyton 1769-1818; Obediance 1770-1830; Mary Obediance Clay 1772-1851; Mitchell Jr. 1772-1851; Nannie 1773-1855; Charles L. 1775-1820; William 1777-1842;  Henry T. 1781-1866 and Sarah 1783.

Mary Obediance Clay born 1772 in Bedford County, Virginia married Ralph Stewart born 17 December 1752 Cow Pasture, Augusta County, Virginia.


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