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Different spellings: Headcorn, or Hedcorn, Hedcorne Parish,
County of Kent, England

  Neale's Bordens

Henry Borden was born circa 1370-1380 in the Parish of Headcorn in the County of Kent, England. He seems to have held land in the Parish of Headcorn and at Borden and was doubtless, a descendant of the Bordens of Borden. He is mentioned in the will of his grandson,  John Borden of Headcorne, dated 26 April 1469.  John desired a Priest sing  in the Church of Headcorn for Henry's soul and the soul of Robergia ____ Borden, his wife, for two years.  Henry and wife, Robergia ____  had two children: Thomas Borden and Robert Borden.

Thomas Borden
was born
in the Parish of Headcorn in the County of Kent, England.  He is mentioned in the will of his son, John Borden of Headcorn, who desires for a Priest to sing in the Church of Headcorn, where he was buried, for his soul and that of his wife, Isabella.  This Thomas was without question, identical with Thomas Borden (Burden) of Headcorn, yoeman, who joined the Rebellion of the Kentishmen under Jack Cade in the year 1450, and, who was subsequently pardoned. (Pat. Rolls, 28 Hen. VU, parts 2,13, etc. --- Also Archacologia Cantina, Vol. VII.).  Thomas and Isabella Borden had children:  John Borden, Henry Borden  of Headcorn, born circa 1470 and was living in 1490; probably had moved to Milton, and Richard Borden of Headcorn, yoeman,.  Died in, about the month of October 1490.  He had children: John Borden, born about 1475 and  Isabella Borden. Thomas Borden died before 26 April 1469.

John Borden
was born in the Parish of Headcorn in the County of Kent, England. His will, dated 26 April 1469, mentions his wife, Benett (Benedict) Tornor Borden. The couple had children, one, William Borden, mentioned in the will, and one son, Roger Borden, not mentioned. Children mentioned in the will of Bennett Borden - widow, dated 15 October 1518, were: :William, Joan Borden, Isabella Borden and her child, Roberga Borden, John Borden, and Alice Borden. She made Roger Borden the executor. John willed that he be buried in the cemetery of the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul in Headcorn. Benett desired to be buried in the Churchyard of Headcorn.

William Borden was born in the Parish of Headcorn in the County of Kent, England.  He was underage when his father died  in 1469 William died in 1531.He had three wives, Joan, Thomasin and Rose, who survived him.  Joan and Tomasin were interred in the Church of Headcorn. He left orders in his will to be buried between them.  Joan, his third wife, survived him..His son, Edmond Borden, was not mentioned in William Borden's will of 11 February 1531, This was the custom in early English wills because the eldest son was heir under the common law  of England at the time.  William Borden's children were: Edmund Bordon, Edward Borden, Thomas Borden, Elizabeth Borden, Anne Borden, and Katharine Borden.  Thomas Allen Glenn states in his dissertation of,  Pedigree of Richard Borden, "events point" to Thomasin being the mother of Edmund Borden.

Edmund Borden
was born about 1480 in the Parish of Headcorn in the County of Kent, England. He married Margaret ___  about 1500.  The couple had children: William Borden, born in 1510, Edward Borden, John Borden, William Borden, Joan Borden and Maryon Borden, Margaret Borden, Alice Borden, and Julian Borden.   Edmund died 1 June 1539 in Headcorn, Kent, England. In his will dated 13 April, 30 Hen. S (1539) he noted he wanted to be buried in the churchyard of Headcorn.

William Borden was born in 1510, of the Parish of Hedcom, County of Kent, England.  He died there in or about the month of (before 8) June 1557.  He married Joan Stephen about 1531. Their children were: Thomas Borden, born in 1533 in Headcorn, Kent, England, Thomas Borden, born
Headcorn Parish, County of Kent, England, and Edward Borden.  

Thomas Borden, Yoeman, was born in 1533, in Hedcorn Parish, County of Kent, England. Thomas married first to (name not known).    She was buried in Hedcorn Churchyard 29 May 1581.   Thomas and ____ had a boy, Mathew Borden, born 30 September 1563 in Hedcorn, Kent, England. Other children were: Thomas Borden, buried at Hedcorn Church 30 April 1580, Joan Borden, buried at Hedcorn Church, 5 April 1571, Agnes Borden, married to Jonas Gorham 2 August 1585.  Thomas married, secondly, Margaret Reeder, on 2 May 1584 in England. Margaret was born in Hedcorn, Kent, England   Margaret Reeder Borden died in Hedcorn, Kent, England before 25 September 1589 and was buried at Hedcorn.  Thomas Borden died about April, 1592 in Hedcorn, Kent, England and was buried in the Churchyard 21 April 1592.

Mathew Borden, Yoeman, born 30 September 1563 in Hedcorn Parish, Kent, England, married Joan Reeder about 1592 in Hedcorn, Kent, England. Joan Reeder was born before 1580.  Mathew and Joan Borden had children: Richard Borden, born on 3 February 1596 and John Borden.  Mathew Borden died after 26 September 1620, which is the date of his will, in Hedcorn, Kent, England.

Their Children were:
  1. Mary Borden Married 4 May 1620 to John Roe (Rowe)
  2. Joan Borden Baptized 29 April 1593 Buried 11 June 1593
  3. John Borden Baptized 8 April 1594 died an infant
  4. Richard Borden Baptized 22 February 1595-6  Married Jane Fowle 28 September 1625. Moved to New England and settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island 1637-8, where he died
  5. William Borden Baptized 1 June 1600
  6. Anne Borden Baptized 26 April 1603
  7. Edward Borden Baptized 14 April 1605
  8. John Borden Baptized 22 February 1606-7. He moved to New England in the ship Elizabeth & Anne in 1635, at which time he was declared to be 28 aged years.  His wife, Joan was then aged 23 years, his son matthew aged 8 years, and his daughter aged 3 years (FOUNDERS OF NEW ENGLAND By Pope).

Richard Borden was born 22 February 1596 in the Parish of Hedcorn, County of Kent, England.
Baptized 22 February 1595-6  He married Joane Fowle on 8 September 1625 in Hedcorn Church, Kent, England. Joane was born 15 February 1605, a daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Fowle of Cranbrooke in the County of Kent (Francis was a Clothier), and died 15 July 1688, in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.  In his will, Francis Fowle left to all his messuages, lands, etc., to his wife Elizabeth, to be passed on to his daughter Joane Fowle Borden, and then to Francis Borden.  

Richard's brother John was the first to come to America aboard the Elizabeth & Anne in 1635. Then Richard and his family arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in 1635-1638. Richard and Joan settled in Rhode Island.  
Borden was a surveyor and acquired large tracts of land in Rhode Island and East Jersey - Monnouth County. He was Freeman of Portsmouth, 16 March, 1611, of a Committee to treat with the Dutch, 18 May 1653, Assistant, town of Portsmouth 1653, 1654, Commissioner 1654, 1656, 1657, Treasurer, 1654, 1655, Freeman, 1655, and Deputy from Portsmouth to the General Assembly, 1667, 1670.

Their children were:

  1. Thomas Borden Born: Circa 1627  Died: After 1718 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Wife: Mary Harris
  2. Francis Borden  Born: Circa 1628  Died: 19 June 1705 Wife: Jane (Vicars) Vickers
  3. Mary Borden  Born: Circa 1633  Died 23 December 1690 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Husband: John Cook
  4. Elizabeth Borden  Born: Circa 1634  Died: Young
  5. Matthew Borden  Born: May 1638 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Died: 5 may 1708 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  Wife: Sarah Clayton
  6. John Borden  Born: September 1640 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Died: 4 June 1716 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island.  Wife: Mary Earle
  7. Joseph Borden  Born 3 January 1643 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Died: Between 1693 and 1693 in Barbados, West Indies  Wife: Hope ___
  8. Sarah Borden  Born: may 1644 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Died: 1713 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Husband: Jonathan Holmes
  9. Samuel Borden  Born: July 1645 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Died: 1713 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Wife: Elizabeth Crosse
  10. Benjamin Borden Born 16 May 1649 at Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  Died: After 1718 in New Jersey Wife: Abigail Grover
  11. Amey Borden  Born: February 1654 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island  Died 5 February 1684  Husband: William Richardson
Richard Borden was a leader in the Portsmouth community and a founder of the Society of Friends [Quakers] in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He died 25 May 1671 and is interred in the Society of Friends Cemetery, in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Benjamin Borden was born 16 May 1649 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island.  He married Abigail Grover on 22 September 1670 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey. Abigail was born in 1654 in Gravesend, Long Island, New Netherlands [now New York].  She died 20 January 1720 in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Their children were: Benjamin Borden Jr., born 1675, Richard Borden, born 1672, James Borden, born 1677, Rebecca Borden, born 1680, Safety Borden, born 1682, Amy Borden, born 1682, Joseph Borden, born 1687, Jonathan Borden, born 1690, David Borden, born 1692, Samuel Borden , born 1696. Benjamin Borden (Sr.), died in 1728 in Burlington County, New Jersey.

Benjamin Borden Jr. born 6 April 1675 in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  He married Zeruiah Winter.  They had a child, Hannah Borden born 1701 in Freehold, Monmouth, Pennsylvania.   Zeruiah Winter Borden died in 1752 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Hannah Borden was
born 1701 in Freehold, Monmouth, Pennsylvania.  She married Edward Rogers before 1742.  Edward Rogers was born in 1697 in Monmouth, NewJersey and died in Frederick, Virginia in 1760. Hannah and Edward had a daughter, Hannah Rogers, born 1 March 1743 in Northumberland County, Virginia.  Hannah Borden Rogers died in 1760 in Frederick County Virginia. Edward Rogers died in Frederick County, Virginia.

Hannah Rogers was born 1 March 1743 in Northumberland County, Virginia.  She married Elisha Dungan in 1760. Elisha Dungan was born 9 January 1735 in Cold Springs, Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  They had a child, John Robert Dungan, born 14 February 1769.  Elisha Dungan died  11 December 1808 in Washington County, Virginia.  Hannah Rogers Dungan married Job Gastineau.  Job was a neighbor of the Dungans in Washington County, Virgina.  He moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky in 1810 and bought a considerable amount of land. Job and  Hannah applied for a marriage bond in Pulaski County with Surety, on 30 November 1812.  They were married in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky on 8 December 1812.

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