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St. Mary's the Virgini Church
St. Mary the Virgin Church located in Ilmington,
Warwickshire, England
 " Descendants of Coll Giles Brent, Captain George Brent and Robert Brent, Gentlemen, Immigrants to Maryland and Virginia"
Brent Memoral Plate - St. Mary the Virgin  Church, Ilmington
To what family is God propitious? Time is the devourer of all things
Both the names and the monuments will perish. Death claims all.
It is the law not a punishment to die.
This Richard had Richard and likewise had Richard to who descended the two Lordships of Stoke and Admington. He was by Richard (actually William), his grandfather, left ward to Edward Reed.  The Ilmington  inscription says, Giles Reed Lord of Tusburie and Witten, married Eleanor. Richard Brent married Elizabeth, not Eleanor Reed, the eldest daughter of said Reed, by whom he had many children, "namely": Foulke, Richard, Giles, William, Edward, and George. Margaret, Mary, Catharine, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Jane and Anne.

Foulke died childless. Richard married the daughter of Sir John Peshail (Peshall) of Horsley* and had many children who lived to be men and women , and the whole number of them died but the two youngest, Robert and Margaret. Robert, Lord stoke, had one son named Falcatius -- to him descended Cossington after the death of John Brent, aforesaid. Giles, the third son of the said Richard, came to Maryland about the year 1637, and was Governor there. But that country being taken, he moved to Virginia about the year 1645. He had many children. Only the oldest son Giles lived, who had Giles and William, Margaret and Mary.

Giles married Jane, the daughter of Colonel William Chandler by who he had a daughter who died after 'it"was born. William, who was heir intail1 to the estate in Virginia and next after his son was heir to Cossington, went to England in 1708 and married there.  The fourth son of said Richard and the fifth died childless, but George, the sixth son, married Marianna, the daughter of Sir John Peyton** of Doddington, in the Isle of Ely, by whom he had George, John, Henry, William, Edward and Robert; Ann, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Mary, Margaret and Ursula.

George came to Virginia and settled at Woodstock in Stafford County.  He married the daughter of Captain William Green and niece of Sir William Layton. By her he had George,  Nicholas and Robert; Marianne and Elizabeth. She died in childbed of another girl the s6th of March 1686. The said George the 27th March 1687, again married the second daughter of Lady Baltimore by her first husband, Henry Sewell, who was widow to Colonel William Chandler, by who she had many children, but only three lived, Henry, Mary and Martha, of whom she died in child-bed the 12th of March 1693-4.

The second son of the said George Brent, the son of Richard, died young. The third son of the said Gorge Brent, Henry, married Ann the daughter of  Henry Calvert, Esquire, sometime Governor of Maryland, by whom he had many children all of whom died  before himself, who died the ___ day of January, 1694, and his land descended to George Brent, Esquire, of Woodstock.

The fourth son of the  said George Brent, Esquire, named William, died unmarried, and Eward, the fifth son, died young at the College of Dousy in Flanders; but Robert, the sixth son, married Anne, the daughter of Edmond Baugh, of Penton, Worcestershire, and brought her into Virginia in the year 1686, settled in Stafford County, where he had many children by her, all of which died unmarried.

Having gone through the males, I shall go through the females.  Richard, the grandfather of George Brent, Esquire, of Woodstock, had only one daughter that married, Jane***, who married Thomas Cassie, Esquire, of Widefield in the county of  Gloucester, by whom she had William, Jane, Ann, and Elizabeth. She died in France in or about the Plot time -1680.  Where her children are I know not. The next of the females was Margaret, daughter of Richard and sister to Robert, Father of Falcatius, Lord of Stoke, who married Mr. Thomas Bartlett, of Evesham, by who she had Richard and what other I know not, The next was Mary, the daughter of Giles, the son of Richard Brent, son of aforesaid Giles, who married Mr. George Plowden, by whom she had several children. The eldest son named Edmund and is now alive; and Mary, her sister, married Mr. John Nutwell (should be Nuthall, or Nutthall), now alive.  These two were the sisters of William Brent, who went to England in 1708 in order to recover  the two Lordships of Stoke and Cossington, being heir-in-tail to said estates.  He married in London the 12th day of May, 1709, Sarah Gibbons, of Box Parish, the daughter of William Gibbons of Wiltshire, gentleman. He died soon after his marriage, November 26th the following, and left his wife with child of a son, of whom she was afterwards delivered, March 6th, 1710. His name is also William, and he is heir-in-tail to the estates in England and Virginia. His mother brought him over to Virginia January, 1717 and the 20th day of May thereafter was married herself to the Rev. Alexander Acott, rector of Overwharton Parish in Stafford County, Virginia and died 30 October 1733 (should be 29 October).

As to the daughters of George, the son of Richard aforesaid, the eldest, Ann, married James Clifton, Esquire, who lived in Lancashire, and had many children, among them whom were Cuthbert, Anne and Eliza. The second daughter died a maid. The first and third married.  The fourth, (viz): Mary married Giles Brent Esquire, the father of the aforesaid William, who went to England. The fourth died a maid. The sixth, (viz): Ursula, married Charles Umphraville, gentleman, by whom she had many children. They went to France.

George****, the first son of George Brent , Esquire of Woodstock, died unmarried September 2, 1708. Nicholas,, the second son, married Jane, the daughter of Captain Thomas Mudd of Charles County, Maryland in April, 1711, and died childless, December 18th following.

For other wives and family, please see: DESCENDANTS OF COLL GILES BRENT  for more documentation.

Brent COA
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*This baronetcy was created the 25th of November 1612 and has been dormant since 1712. John Peshall, Esquire, of Horsley, Staffordshire, was created a baronet by King James I, the 25th of November , 1612 and four years later was sheriff of the county.  He married Anne, daughter of Ralph Sheldon, Esquire of Beoby of the county of Worcester and had many children, of whom Anne, the fourth daughter married Richard Calvert, Esquire of Corkerem,and Margaret , the sixth daughter, married Richard Brent. Sir Thomas Peshall, third Baronet, had a son John who married Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Lord Culpepper.

**Sir Robert Peyton, of Isle ham, had two sons: 1, Sir Robert, ancestor  of the baronets of Isleham and all the Virginia families of the name. 2, Sir John of Knowlon, Kent, who married Dorothy, daughter of Sir John Tindall, K. B. and had issue: 1, Sir Thomas; 2, Sir John of Doddington, Cambridgeshire, Governor of the Tower in the reign of Elizabeth member of the privy council; Governor of Guernsey, and Jersey in the time of James I,. He married Dorothy, widow of Sir Robert Bell and daughter and heir of Edward Beaupre of Outwell, Norfold, and father of Sir John Peyton of Doddington, who married Alice, daughter of Sir John Peyton of Isleham and had with other issue Marianna, who married George Brent.
***This should eliminate the controversy that Ann Brent married Leonard Calvert, Governor of Maryland! There has long been a tradition that Leonard Calvert married a Brent in England circa 1743-4, but the theory that she was Ann, sister of the famous Margaret Brent, can hardly be accepted if she was baptized 7 August 1637, as stated in the VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY, Vol. 14, p 100.
****George Brent died 1700, not 1708.  See his will in Stafford County, Virginia
1heir intail-The purpose of an entail was to keep the land of a family intact in the main line of succession. The heir to an entailed estate could not sell the land, nor usually bequeath it to, for example, an illegitimate child. (See Wickapedia for further explanation.).
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Descendants of Richard Brent and Elizabeth Reed through the Thomas William Brent Family- Internet Note:[The two major sources for the information in the Brent genealogy is from The Brent Family, by David, M. French, and Descendants of Coll Giles Brent, Captain George Brent and Robert Brent, Gentlemen, Immigrants to Maryland and Virginia, by Chester Horton Brent, Rutland, Vermont, Tuttle Publishing Co., 1946.]
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