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Richard Brent Esquire, Lord, Stoke and Admington, Gloucestershire, England  born 1550 married Mary Huggerford daughter of John Hugford Esquire of Henwood.  
Sir Richard Brent, Lord of Stoke and Admington, Gloucestershire England; born 1573, and died 1 May 1652 in Stoke, Gloucestershire, England. He was the son of  Richard Brent and  Mary Huggerford. He married  Elizabeth Reed in 1594 in Admington, England. Elizabeth Reed, born About 1578 in Tusburie, England; died 1631. She was the daughter of  Giles Reed and Catherine Greville. 3, 4

Richard and Elizabeth had the following children:
  • Richard Brent, born about. 1595 in Of Stoke, Gloucester, , England; died 1671; married (1) Margaret Baronet; married (2) Margaret Peshall 
  • Catherine Brent, born about. 1598 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England; died November 01, 1640. 
  • William Brent, born 1600 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England; died May 21, 1661; married Barbara Brent.
  • Margaret Brent, born 1601 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England; died May 1671 in Westmoreland, Virginia.
  • George Brent, born 1602 in Defford, Worcestershire, England; died 1671; married (1) Marianne (Anne) Peyton; (married (2) Brent.)
  • Giles Brent, born about 1606 in  Admington, Gloucestershire, England; died August 31, 1671 in Stafford, Virginia; married (1) Mrs Frances Harrison; married (2) Mary Kittamquund in St Mary's, Maryland. 
  • Fulke Brent, born about 1607 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England; died 1656 in England ; married Cecilia ?_ 
  • Edward Brent, born about 1609 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England. 
  • Elizabeth Brent, born about 1613 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England. 
  • Eleanor Brent, born about 1615 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England 
  • Jane Brent, born about 1618 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England; died 1680; married Thomas Cassie about 1633.
  • Anne Brent, born about 1620 in Admington, Gloucestershire, England.
George Brent of Defford was born in 1602 in Defford, Worcestershire, England. His father was Sir Richard Brent and mother, Elizabeth Reed. He married Marianna Peyton, daughter of Sir John Peyton and Alice Peyton, after 1635 in England.

He married two more times after his first wife, Marianna, died. He had several children by these later marriages. None of these children settled in Maryland or Virginia. 

George Brent was appointed: 1652, Administrator of his father's estate in 1652

They had several children:1,2,3.4
  • George Brent, Capt., born ca. 1640 in Defford, Worcestershire, England; died 1699/1700 in "Woodstock", Stafford Co., VA.
  • John Brent, born in England, Died young
  • Henry Brent, born in England; died January 1693/94 in Maryland. He married Ann Calvert, a daughter of Leonard Calvert. Ann Calvert had first, married Baker Brooke. When Henry Brent died  (1694) none of his children were living; his property descended to George Brent of Woodstock.
  • William Brent, born in England; died 1674, unmarried
  • Edward Brent, born in England; died 1676 in Douai, France, while at college in Flanders. He was a Benedictine monk in France
  • Robert Brent, born 1660 in Defford, Worcestershire, England; died 19 January 1695/96 in Stafford County, Virginia.
  • Anne Brent, born in England. She married James Clifton; died circa.1714
Ann Brent born about 1640, daughter of George Brent and Marianna Peyton of Lancastershire, England married James Clifton about 1661. James Clifton was the first Clifton of this line to come to America. He was in St. Mary's County, Maryland 12 October 1663 and in 1669 he was in Stafford County, Virginia. For the continuation of this line, please follow this link.
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Descendants of Richard Brent and Elizabeth Reed through the Thomas William Brent Family- Internet Note:[The two major sources for the information in the Brent genealogy is from 1The Brent Family, by David, M. French, and 2Descendants of Coll Giles Brent, Captain George Brent and Robert Brent, Gentlemen, Immigrants to Maryland and Virginia, by Chester Horton Brent, Rutland, Vermont, Tuttle Publishing Co., 1946.]
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