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Kathy's Browns

Joseph Brown, Sr. was born in Ireland and died about 1810 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.  He married Mary.  Their children were: William born in 1756; Hugh born in 1758; Joseph Brown Jr., born 1760 in Rowan County, North Carolina and died 1800 Franklin County, Georgia; James born 1762: David P. Brown born 1770 and George A. 1776.

Joseph Brown, Jr. was born 1760 in Rowan County, North Carolina.  He married 1781 Jemina Broyles born 1765 Culpeper County, Virginia. Joseph died 1800 Franklin County, Georgia and Jemina died 16 January 1860 in Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia.  They had a son Mackey Brown born 11 February 1797 in Habersham, Georgia. 

Mackey Brown was born 11 February 1797 Habersham, Georgia. He married Sally Rice 22 February 1816 in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee.  Sally was born 12 February 1797 in Bedford, Tennessee and died 10 May 1874 in Marietta, Cherokee County, Georgia.  Mackey died 24 March 1874 in Canton, Cherokee County, Georgia.  Their children were:  Edna Eliza Brown born 01 October 1815 Pickens, South Carolina; Peggy Emiline Brown born 09 December 1817 in Bradford, Tennessee;  Prudence Caroline Brown born 05 June 1819 in Bedford, Tennessee; Joseph Emerson Brown born 15 April 1821 Pickens, South Carolina; Mary Elizabeth Brown born 16 February 1824 Pickens, South Carolina; James Rice Brown born 18 August 1827 Pendleton, South Carolina; William Carroll Brown born 03 December 1829 Pickens, South Carolina; Aaron Pleasant Brown born 12 April 1832 Pickens, South Carolina; Nancy Verlinda Brown born 27 May 1833 Cherokee, Georgia; 
Jemima Ann Brown, born 17 July 1835 South Carolina; Sallie Melissa Brown born 07 May 1837 Pickens, South Carolina;   John Mackey Brown born 12 April 1839 Pendleton, South Carolina; and George Washington Brown born 04 August 1841 Pendleton, South Carolina. 

Joseph Emerson Brown born 15 April 1821 15 April 1821 in Long Creek, Pickens, South Carolina.  He married 13 July 1847 Elizabeth Gresham born 13 July 1826.  Joseph Emerson Brown was the Governor of Georgia 1857 through 1865.  Elizabeth Gresham died 26 December 1896.  Joseph died 30 November 1894 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Their children were:  Julius Brown born 31 May 1847; Mary Virginia Brown born 05 January 1850; Joseph Mackey Brown born 28 December 1851; Franklin Pierce Brown born 15 April 1853; Elijah Anderson Brown born 04 September 1857; Charles McDonald Brown died 19 August 1881; Sallie Eugenia Brown born 11 June 1862 and George Marion Brown born 05 October 1865.  A statue of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Brown said the be on of the few of husband and wife statues in the world. It is located on southwest corner of the Georgia State Capitol Square.


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