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There are 4 issues in volumes 2 through 8.  There are two issues in Volume 9
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Issue Number & Brief Explanation of Contents

Volume 1

Issue 1: The initial issue of CCC and the only issue of Volume 1. The beginning of MOUNTAIN STORIES; Queries; VA and NC Cliftons and more.

Volume 2

Issue 1: Lots of queries; information about DE, NC, TX and VA Cliftons
Issue 2: Queries; DE, KY, MO, NC, PA, VA Clifton information; You Got A Match? and more.
Issue 3: The beginning of the columns, CLIFTON CLUES, and TREACLE'S TRACINGS; MOUNTAIN STORIES continues; queries, obituary notices and other articles are included.
Issue 4: The regular columns continue. There are queries, obituary notices and lots more.

Volume 3

Issue 1: The focus is on Cliftons who served in WWII. The regular columns continue. Some GA, WV and TX Cliftons and more.
Issue 2: This issue focuses on marriages - there are lots of them. A Florida reunion, queries, some census records for GA, MO, NC, SC and TN are provided in TREACLE'S TRACINGS.
Issue 3: The American Civil War is the main topic of this issue, with stories. letters and the men who served in a war that changed this country.
Issue 4: Quaker records are in this issue. Also, the regular columns appear. There is a book review, obituary notices and more.

Volume 4

Issue 1: More on the American Civil War; tombstone inscriptions; AL, DE, GA, IL, KY, LA, MS, NC, OH and VA Cliftons.
Issue 2: Lots of early Clifton immigrants in this issue. Also, the regular columns appear. There are book reviews and other stories and items.
Issue 3: This issue is loaded with Cliftons who fought in the Revolutionary War. There is a tribute to Treacle Ebersole of TREACLE'S TRACINGS.
Issue 4: An Italian-English-American Clifton and the mystery of two Penelope Wards married to different John Cliftons, plus AL, GA, FL, NJ, PA and VA Cliftons in this issue.

Volume 5

Issue 1: Burdet Clifton, the bank robber; regular columns; Cliftons in AL, DE, ENG., IN, KY, MA, MI, MO, NC, NE, OH, RI, VA and other articles.
Issue 2: The regular columns appear along with queries and obituary notices, and information on NC Confederate troops. Lots of articles.
Issue 3: Articles on Savory Clifton of MA and William Clifton of IL. Regular columns, CLIFTON CLUES, MOUNTAIN STORIES appear; information about Cliftons in many states.
Issue 4: Penelope Ward and John Clifton explained - if it is possible; Union Cliftons in Arkansas, Arkansas marriages; John Clifton of Henry County., VA, the regular columns, obituary notices, etc.

Volume 6

Issue 1: An index to records in England, Richard Clifton of England and other articles and data tying stateside Cliftons to the British Isles; Indian Wars Volunteers and regular features.
Issue 2: Clifton Loyalists in the Revolution; an index to stateside birth records; John Clifton - Town Marshall killed. This issues has Cliftons from several states, as usual.
Issue 3: Clifton places; Cliftons in AR, DE, FL, KY, MO, MS, NC, TN, VA and regular items.
Issue 4: FL pioneers; Owen County KY; marriages in central states, early DE Cliftons, OK Cliftons, NJ data; queries; YOU GOT A MATCH?, MOUNTAIN STORIES, obituary notices and lots more.

Volume 7

Issue 1: Battle of Tehpiska; Cliftons who served with Andrew Jackson; Cliftons of Owen County, KY; marriages in central states, Cavaliers & Pioneers extracts; Obituary notices; Carroll County, GA Cliftons; queries an early DE Clifton line regular features and other articles.
Issue 2: MOUNTAIN STORIES author dies; Early DE line continued; queries; Kentucky marriages; CLIFTON CLUES; Black Union Clifton soldiers in the Civil War; Toronto Cliftons; Tennessee Cliftons; more on Cliftons of Owen County, KY; obituary notices and other articles.
Issue 3: Roster of Confederate veterans; South African Cliftons; Clifton communities; James E. Clifton of VA; queries; early MA marriages; early Pickaway County,OH marriages; obituary notices; Greenhill Primitive Baptist (VA) Church; more Owen Co., KY Cliftons; more central states marriages; more Martin J. Clifton descendants.
Issue 4: Texas, CSA Cliftons; William Clifton, Union veteran; the roster of Confederate soldiers is continued; PA Cliftons;queries, GA, KY, NC, OH, TN, VA, WV Cliftons; Internet Clifton researchers; a Social Security Death index (partial); obituary notices; more marriages from the central states.

Volume 8

Issue 1: Alaskan Cliftons, Claughton to Clifton - UK,Ancestors of Alta Clifton, Benjamin Clifton the tavern keeper, Job Clifton , Mary Clifton Bowman, Obituaries, Queries, Roster of Confederate Cliftons, Samual Alexander Clifton, Salem Co., NJ gravestones, Descendant of Arthur Clifton of Ireland, and more.
Issue 2: WWI Clifton draft registrations, Tennessee marriages, Virginia Revolutionary War soldiers. More on Arthur Clifton of Ireland descendants, Patrick and Washington Counties, VA marriages, Birth and engagement announcements, Queries. More on Clifton Confederate veterans, Clifton Cemetery.
Issue 3: Johnson's North Carolina Genealogy, Queries, Colonial Soldiers from North Carolina, William Clifton of MO, Response to Who were Ancestors of Benjamin Clifton, Virginia court records, Clifton Cemetery, Theodore Clifton, John W. Clifton of OK and TX, and more.
Issue 4: Isaiah Clifton -Texas frontier. CCC announces change to semi-annual newsletter in 1999. A VA Clifton Reunion, English Cliftons, Fred Clifton of VA, MO Clifton Land Patents, Paul K. Clifton, NC death records, Queries, Roanoke River Light Station, Clifton Cemetery, Descendants of Anderson Floyd Clifton, Elizabeth Clifton of England, Charley W. Clifton of MD, Elmer Clifton of VA and more.

Volume 9
Issue 1:  A Clifton Family Tree, Alabama 1860 Mortality Schedule, Clifton, Cemetery, Cliftons from Great Yarmouth, Clifton Tidbits From South Carolina, Descendants of Charles Clifton of KY, Immigration to Victorian Australia, Kathy's Korner, My Connection to the Clifton Clan, North Carolina Death Notices-continued, Occupations, Old and New About My Cliftons, Some Historical Tid-Bits,  The War of 1812 - A Clifton Roster, 13 Stars,- A Confederate Soldier, Thomas Jefferson Clifton, Wilderness Road through S.W. Virginia, Walker County AL 1860 Mortality Schedule, William Clifton of Georgia.
Issue 2: U.S.S. Indianapolis Sinks Just Before WWII Ends,  A Genealogist's Greatest Loss, Ancestors of Robert Wesley Clifton, Another Josiah Clifton, Buchanan Virginia Marriages, Charles Palmer Clifton, Clifton Cemetery, Clifton Listings, Cliftons of Nottingham, England - Clifton Village,  Descendants of Nathaniel Clifton, Editor's Corner, Eight Month's Co. of the Continental Army, Elias Clifton, Ezekial Clifton, Genealogist Humor, John Cliftons of Nottingham, Josiah Clifton, My Clifton Clan, New Zealand, Ohio Cliftons, Queries, You Got A Match?, War Between the States - Fort Clifton

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