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Here, you will find a compilation of Clifton's and associated surnames. All of the names appearing in the various articles of the Clifton Clan Chronicle can be found at this web site.

The Clifton Clan Chronicle is no longer in publication.   Back issues are still available.

As of August 1999, there are about 12,000 surnames listed.*

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  • The easy way is to use our site search engine. You will also be able to search for a name by going to the Issue Index, select an issue and  find the name of the article and page number  on which that name can be found. | Back |
      You can check all the index of all the names in any issue in order to associate the names in a particular article. | Back |
    Many times associated names in an article, the name of the article, or an area named in an article can give you a positive clue, which will help you determine if the article is about your "John" or "Mary" Clifton.
    If you are searching all the issues for a "John" or "Mary" Clifton, you will be able to associate article names to get a hint. | Back |

    The Clifton Clan Chronicle can be found in some libraries. Copies can also be found at LDS Research Centers on Micro-Film.

    A researcher with whom you are aquainted may have a source for the issue of interest to you.

    Also, all issues of the Clifton Clan Chronicle are still available. | Back |
    If you want to purchase a copy of any back issue follow this link. | Back |
    Because you, like us and so many others, are a genealogical fanatic!  Seriously, we hope it will help you find an ancestor, or a whole bunch of them.  | Back |
    The Clifton Clan Chronicle is a Clifton research tool in a newsletter format, and dedicated to research of the Clifton surname, no matter the spelling or location. We hope you will find it useful even though it is no longer being published. | Back
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