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Simmons Cemetery is located on the Allen Farm in Hawkins County, Tennessee

Fred Allen at Horace and Melissie Clifton monument
Fred Allen standing at the Horace and Melissie Clifton monument
View of Simmons Cemetery2011
A view of the Simmons Cemetery
Martin Jones Clifton
Martin Jones Clifton
Born 22 Decemebr 1810
Died 30 March 1890
Matilda Martin Clifton
Matilda Martin Clifton (Second wife)
Born 1832
Died 1880
Rebecca J. Clifiton
Rebecca J. Clifton (new view)
We thank Roger Clifton for the current picture of Fred Allen, adescendant of Martin Jones Clifton, and  a view of  Simmons Cemetery.  And finally due to his these photos, we can see the headstones of  Martin J. and Matilda M. Clifton after installation in the cemetery.
Martin and Matilda Clifton's field marker replacements shown above, are discussed in eight issues of the CLIFTON CLAN CHRONICLE
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8 July 2011