Clifton's Collectibles Genealogy-Olive Branch Cemetery Portshmouth Virginia

Olive Branch Cemetery Portsmouth Virginia 233701

Olive Branch Cemetery Portsmouth Virginia 233701 

Some Clifton family connected burials at Olive Branch Cemetery in Portsmouth, Virginia are: Buford James Clifton, Volga Farley Clifton, William Thomas Farley, Lucy Alice Clay Farley, Virginia M. Clifton, Glattrus Farley McCurry,  and Lewis M. Spangler. Included with pictures of their memorial stones are birth and death statistics.

The section of Olive Branch Cemetery  these plots are located in may be reached from Portsmouth Blvd. in Portsmouth which intersects with City Park Avenue. Take City Park Avenue to Clifford Street. The section of the cemetery these grave sites are in, is adjacent to the City Park, not the Golf Course. Consult a Google map, or similar chart.

Olive Branch Cemetery sign is to the left when you approachthe cemetery. The graves sites shown here areNOT in this section.  They are in the section to your right - adjacent to The City Park.
Continue on City Park Avenue after reaching the Clifford Street intersection; this sign  will be on your left. None of the grave sites mentioned on this page are on this left side.  They  are in the section on the right.
This section of the cemetery is on your right when you are on City Park Avenue and past Clifford Street
When looking right from City Park Avenue, after going through the Clifford Street intersection, this is  the visible section of the cemetery.
Continue a short disatnce, passing this area to your right. You turn to the first right to gain entrance and thean follow the street as it bears left.
Continue a short distance, passing this area to your right. Turn to the first right to gain entrance and then follow the street as it bears left. The tree line on the left as one continues is the city park.
A  short distance down on the right (cemetery side)  the Clifton grave site can be found.  further down on the right the Farley graves can be found.  Turn right at the first intersection and travel down to the second street. The Spangler site can be found just a few graves before reaching the second intersection on the right side of the street. To exit the cemetery, continue straight and exit on Clifford Street. Turn right on Clifford to go back to City Park Avenue, then left to get back to Route 337, Portsmouth Blvd.
Buford James and Volga Farley Clifton
Buford James Clifton
Born: 24 May 1913 Greendale, Washington County, Virginia
Died 5 July 1981 Portsmouth, Virginia
Volga Farley Clifton (First wife)
Born: 16 June 1915 Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia
Died: 6 November 1965, Portsmouth, Virginia
"Our great loss, Heaven's gain,"
is the sentiment engraved above the names on this monument.
Virginia M. Clifton
Virginia M. Clifton (Second wife)
Born:  9 June 1908 in Virginia
Died: 17 June 198_ Portsmouth, Virginia
William Thomas Farley and Lucy Alice Clay Farley
William Thomas Farley
Born: 9 March 1879, Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia
Died: 10 March 1965, Portsmouth, Virginia
Lucy Alice Clay Farley
Born: 25 August 1882, Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia

Died: 23 December 1960, Portsmouth, Virginia
Lewis M Spangler & Glatruss Farley  (Spangler) McCurry
Lewis M. Spangler (Second husband)*
Born: 28 September 1905, Welch, West Virginia
Died: June 1975, Suffolk, Virginia
Glattrus Farley+ (Spangler) McCurry**
Born: 5 May 1906, Welch, West Virginia
Died: August 1980, Portsmouth, Virginia
 +  Raymond Duwel: First marriage ended in divorce
 *Lewis M. Spangler: Second marriage. Lewis died in 1975
**Scott McCurry:: Third marriage. Scott died in 1978

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