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Ann Wheeler would be considered an eighth great grand aunt. Ann's father, John Wheeler,
Neale's ninth great grandfather.

At present we have a sketchy view of the the Chase surname traced  from Thomas Chase in Chesham, England about 1400 to Hundbridge, Burskshire, England in the year 1515 down to the year 1640 when Acquilla Chase married Ann Wheeler.  She is not a direct ancestor. Since we already have done research on Ann, we decided to include information about her.  


Thomas Chase resided in Chesham, England about 1400.

John Chase
resided in Chesham, England and was the father of Mathew.

Mathew Chase
married Elizabeth Bould. They had a child, Thomas Chase.

Thomas Chase was born in Hundridge, Buckshire, England in 1515. He married Elizabeth Bowchiew no available date.  The had a child, Richard Chase in 1542. Mathew died on 07 June 1680 in Chesham, England.  Elizabeth Bowchiew was born in 1518 and died in 1569.

Richard Chase was born 16 July 1542 in Hundridge, Chesam, Buckshire, England. Richard married Joan Bishop, born 1543 in Hundridge, Buckshire, England.  Their children were Acquila, Robert, Henry, Lydia, Ezekial, Dorcas, and Jason.  Richard Chase died 31 January 1610 in Chesham, England. Joan Bishop Chase died 4 May 1587 in England.  We have no record of where Joan was born.

Acquila Chase was born and baptized 14 August 1580 in Chesham, Buckshire, England. He married Martha Sarah Jelliman on 22 June 1606 in London, England. Martha Sarah was the daughter of  John and Margerie (no maiden name) Jelliman.  Acquilla and Martha's children were: Ann, Elizabeth, Joane, William, Sara, Thomas and Acquila.  Acquila Chase died 9 February 1643 in Hundridge, Buckshire, England.  Martha Sarah  Jelliman Chase died 15 August 1643 in Hundridge, Buckshire, England.

Acquilla Chase was born on 24 December 1618 in Cornwall, Chesham, England.  He married Ann Wheeler, born  20 December 1628.  For more information about Ann's father.  John Wheeler and the other  Wheelers click here.  Acquilla and Ann had eleven children: Sarah, Anne, Priscilla, Mary, Acquilla, Jr., Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Ruth, Daniel, Moses.

Aquila, son of Aquila

Acquila and brother, Thomas were seafarers. Thomas emigrated to New England, settling first in Hampton and later in "Newbury," Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Philbrick.

The brothers were seafaring men, probably employed by their uncle Thomas Chase, who in 1626 was a part owner of the ship, "John and Frances".

Acquila, as mentioned above, was born in Chesham, England in 1618.  He was a mariner and is first found in New England at Hampton, New Hampshire in 1640.  He also settled in Newbury, where, in 1646, he was granted four acres of land for a homestall (similar to homestead) and six acres of marsh on  condition that he go to sea and do service in the town with a boat for four years.

He was evidently not a very formal Puritan, for he, his wife and David Wheeler,  were fined for "gathering pease" on the "Sabbath," admonished and the fines remitted.

Acquila married Anna Wheeler, of Hampton, daughter of John Wheeler, who came from Salisbury , England.

Mr. Chase died at Newbury, December 27, 1870, aged fifty-two years.  He was a ship mastier and made many voyages. His will was dated September 18, 1670, two months before his death.


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