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Neale's Claibornes

Thomas Claiborne was born in England in1525 and died before December 1581 in St. Margaret's, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England.  Thomas had a son,  also named Thomas. Note: King's Lynn is a market town in West Norfolk. St. Margaret's Church is a prominent place of worship dating back over 900 years.

Thomas Claiborne was born about 1557   He married Sara James (nee1 Smyth) 1 September 1573
in St. Dunstan's, Stepney, Middlesex.  Thomas and Sara James had a son, William Claiborne, born 10 August 1600 . Thomas Claiborne died 10 September 1607 in Crayford, Kent, England.

William Claiborne was born 10 August 1600 in Crayford, Kent, England, and died in 1676 in Romanckoke, New Kent County, Virginia. William came to Virginia on the ship George in October 1621. He married Elizabeth Butler, of Roxwell, Essex, England, in 1635.  Elizabeth Butler was born 1610 in Roxwell, Essex, England.  She came to Virginia In or before the spring 1635 on the ship,  James or Revenge. She died in 1676 in Hanover, New Kent County, Virginia.  William and Elizabeth had a daughter,  Jane Claiborne, born in 1635 in Romancoke, New Kent County, Virginia. The couple also had a son, Thomas Claiborne, born 17 August 1647 in New Kent County, Virginia, and died 7 October 1683 in King William Virginia.

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This is interesting for our family, as my children, Neale Clifton Jr. and Debra Lynn and I  are descendants of these Claibornes through Jane Claiborne.  My daughter, Debra Lynn Clifton Mintz, has five children descending from the Claibornes through the Thomas Claiborne connection with Annie Ruth Claiborne Carlisle. Debra Lynn's first husband and father of the children was Robert D. Carlisle,Jr., son of Annie Ruth Claiborne and Robert Deward Carlisle, Sr.

Jane Claiborne was born in 1635 in Romancoke, New Kent County, Virginia.  She married Thomas Brereton, born in 1637 in Northampton County, Virginia.  For more about Jane Claiborne and Thomas Brereton go to Brereton
1nee = born, as in Smyth was Sara James maiden name, or the name she had when she was born.
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