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Lucy Clay Farley and a daughter, Volga Farley Clifton

Lucy Alice Clay Farley and one of three daughters,
Volga Farley Clifton

My Clays landed in the eastern part of what is now the Commonwealth of Virginia and stayed in the Richmond area for some time. Captain John Clay came to Jamestown, Virginia aboard the "Treasurer," in 1613.  A soldier in the British army, John gained the rank of Captain by the age of 21 and was sent to Virginia to control  problems developing in the area. Clay, known as, "The English Grenadier"  was put in charge of the fifty Musketeers aboard Captain Samuel Argal's ship, the Treasurer which was sent to protect the settlers in Jamestown.  Captain Clay eventually became sympathetic to the cause of the settlers and resigned his military post (Library/history/Nova Scotia/h.htm).

The Clays migrated to what is now the Wyoming County area of West Virginia. For more on my ancestors in this family please see Neale's  Green and  Farley family information.

John Claye of Derbyshire, son John Claye of Gloucester, born about 1558.

John Claye of Gloucester.  Child: John Claye Esq. born about 1588 and died about 1632. 

John Claye, Esq. born about 1588 and died about 1632.  He married Mary Carlton.  Their son was John Clay.

John Clay was born about 1587 in Manmouthshire, Wales, England.  In Hotten's,  In "List of Emigrants To America 1600-1700",  a "muster of inhabitants to Virginia, includes, "a muster of inhabitants of Jordan's Journey, Charles City, the 21st of January  1624". The section contains the muster of John Clay,  noting Clay arrived in Jamestown, Virginia aboard the "Treasurer" February 1613 and his wife Ann arrived on the ship, "Ann", August 1623. John's servant, William Nicholas arrived on the "Dutie" in May 1619.

Patent 210 granted John Clay twelve hundred acres in Charles Citie County, Virginia. The lands were  granted by order of the Court of Francis Hooke.  Up to the head of Ward's creek and bounded on the north by James River. one hundred acres to him as an old planter before the government of Sir Thomas Dale and the other eleven hundred for the transportation of twenty two persons by the West July 13, 1635, Ledger 1 page 230.  These lands were near the present day City Point, a few miles from what is now Chesterfield County, Virgina.  (Notable Southern Families, the Clay Family, by Frances Powell Otken, The Lookout).  

Ann died before 1645. John then married Elizabeth, born 1615 and died 1686 in Charles City, Virginia..  John Clay  died about 1654 in Charles City, Virginia.

John married first Ann(e) (Nichols) about 1612 in England and had four children: 

  • William 
  • Thomas
  • Francis 
  • Charles, born 1638 in Charles City, Virginia 

Charles Clay, born in 1638, in Charles City, Virginia.  He married Hannah Wilson born 1642 and died 1706, daughter of John Wilson, Jr. and Hannah Jones.  Charles Clay died 01 June 1686 Henrico, Virginia.

Children of Charles and Hannah: 

  • John born 1668, Henrico, Virginia 
  • Thomas born 1770 Henrico, Virginia  
  • Henry Clay I  born 02 August 1672, Henrico, Virginia  
  • Charles B. born 1674 Henrico, Virginia,  
  • Mary born 1676 Henrico,Virginia  
  • Judith Clay born about 1778 Henrico, Virginia
  • Elizabeth born 1678 Henrico, Virginia.     

Henry Clay I,  was born 02 August 1672 in Henrico, Virginia.  He died 03 August, 1760 in Nattles, Chesterfield, Virginia. He married, about 1708 in Henrico County, Virginia, Mary M. Mitchell born 16 January 1692, Chesterfield, Virginia and died 07 August 1777 Chesterfield, Virginia. 

Their children were: 

  • William Mitchell Clay 
  • Charles Clay,  died 31 January 1716, Powhatan, Cumberland, Virginia
  • John Clay 
  • Martha Clay 
  • Henry Clay II 
  • Amey Clay   

William Mitchell Clay1 was born about 1710/1711 in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Martha Runyan in 1729. He married, secondly, Martha Ann Lewis, in 1732 in Bedford County. Martha Ann died in 1764. Thirdly, he married Agnes __ after 1764. William died in 10 September 1774, he was killed at the battle of Point Pleasant, Gov. Dunmore's last fight against the Indians in 1774. Clay appeared on roster of Charles Lewis' Regiment. 

William Mitchell Clay and Martha Ann Lewis' children were 

  • William Clay born 1733,
  • Mitchell Clay, born between 1735-1736 in Bedford, Virginia
  • Obediah Clay, born 1737 died 1815; 
  • David Clay, born 1740
  • Meredith Clay, born 1742 Bedford, Virginia; 
  • Nancy Clay, born 1744  
  • Ezekial Clay, born 1746
  • Jesse Clay 1745, 
  • Hannah Clay
  • Judith Clay 1737 died 1809, 
  • Mary Elizabeth Clay 1755 - 1810

Mitchell Clay1 was born about 1735/1736 in Bedford, Virginia. He married, April 1760, Franklin, Virginia, Phoebe Belcher born 15 April 1742, a  daughter of Richard Belcher.  Mitchell died in Parrisburg, Virginia in 1811. 

Mitchell Clay and Phoebe Belcher had the following children: 

  • Patience Clay
  • Sally Clay
  • Tabitha Clay
  • Rebecca Clay
  • Bartley Clay
  • Ezekial Clay
  • David Clay
  • Peyton Clay
  • Obedience Clay
  • Mary Polly Clay
  • Mitchell Clay Jr., born 05 January 1772 Bedford, Virginia and he married Judith Clay born about 1770.
  • Mannie Clay
  • Charles Clay
  • William Clay 
  • Henry T. Clay
  • Sarah Clay

Mitchell Clay, Jr.1 born 05 January 1772 Bedford, Virginia and he married Judith Clay born about 1770. He was the progenitor of the Clay's in Raleigh County, West Virginia and Logan County, West Virginia and what is now Wyoming County, West Virginia. Their children were: John T. Clay; Amey  Clay; Meridith Clay born 1812; Bartley Clay born 27 July 1799; Charles Lewis Clay born 6 January 1801, Montgomery, Virginia. Mitchell died 1851 in Raleigh, Virginia

Henry Clay, II was born 1711 in Southam Parish, Cumberland Co.,Virginia.  He married Lucy Marston Green 1735 in Cumberland Co., Virgina.  Lucy is the daughter of Thomas Abner Green II and Elizabeth Marvell Marston.  Henry died about 1764 in Southam Parish, Cumberland Co., Virginia.  Lucy was born 19 July 1717 in Cumberland County, Virginia died about 1805.  

Their children were: 

  • Henry Clay III born 19 September 1736, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Charles Clay III born 3 July 1740, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Samuel Green Clay born 16 May 1743, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Thomas Clay born 17 January 1745, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Abijah Clay born 17 May 1747, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Marston Clay born 7 January 1749, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Rebecca Clay born 14 November 1752, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • John Clay born 14 December 1754, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Elijah Clay born 27 August 1759, Cumberland County,Virginia
  • Lucy Clay born 13 September 1756, Cumberland County,Virginia.

Marston Clay was born 4 January 1749 in Cumberland Co.,Virginia. He married Elizabeth Williams 29 March 1771 in Halifax County, Virgina.  Elizabeth was born abut 1747 in Halifax County,Virginia she was the daughter of John Williams and Diane Coleman.  Marston wrote his will 29 December 1806 in Henderson Co., Kentucky. and it is thought he died in 1807.  They had the the following child: Marston Greenville Clay, Jr.   When Marston married Elizabeth in 1771 in Halifax County,Virginia he signed the bonds omitting the "r" in his name, after that he became Maston, Mastin or Matson.  In 1799 he owned a mill called Clay's Mill in Nicholasville, Kentucky. 

Marston Greenville Clay Jr., was born 1772 and died after 1815.  He married Jane, surname unknown.  They were the parents of Henry J. Clay born 23 January 1807 om Chesterfield County, Virginia and Marston Green Clay born about 1812 and died after 1849.

Henry J. Clay, was born 23 January 1807 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Henry J. died on about 1890 Wyoming County, West Virginia. He married Mary (Polly) Anderson born about 1820 in Virginia and died 01 December 1885 Wyoming Co., Virginia.  They are buried in Jackson Curve (Cook) Cemetery, Pineville, West Virginia.  

Their children were: 

  • Elizabeth Clay 
  • Hiram Clay 
  • Marston Greenville born about 1842 Pike Co., Kentucky 
  • Lucy Ann Clay born about 1845 Pike County, Kentucky
  • Solomon Clay born about 1848 Pike County, Kentucky 
  • Margaret Clay born about 1851 Pike County, Kentucky 
  • Albert Cobert Clay  born 20 August 1853, Wyoming County, West Virginia
  • Charles S. Clay born about 1856 Wyoming County, West Virginia 
  • Douglas born about 1860 Wyoming County, West Virginia
  • Henry J. Clay, Jr. born 1860 Wyoming County, West Virginia
  • Melvina Clay born 10 November 1861. 

Hiram Clay was born in 1836 in Wyoming County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Mullins. daughter of John S. Mullins and Ollie Short,  who was also born in Pike County, Kentucky in 1843. He was a Confederate soldier. Hiram died 24 August 1892 Rock Castle,  Wyoming County,  West Virginia. 

Hiram and Elizabeth's children were: 

  • Gordon M. Clay
  • Caz Clay
  • Levi Martin Clay
  • Emily Clay born 10 March 1855
  • John Will Clay born 1867
  • Albert Harrison Clay born 08 January 1867
  • James H. Clay born 1869
  • George W. Clay born 1875;
  • Mary Clay born 1875;
  • Andrew J. Clay born 1876
  • Benjamin Harvey Clay born 1878
  • Lucy Alice Clay born 25 August 1882 in Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia.
Lucy Alice Clay was born on 25 August, 1862 in Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia. She married , William Thomas Farley, son of John Henry Farley and Mary Frances Wills, on 28 May 1902 in West Virginia. Lucy died on 23 December 1960 in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Lucy and Thomas had three daughters:
  • Edowa Farley
  • Glattrus Farley
  • Volga Farley

Volga Farley was born on 16 June, 1915 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia. She married Buford James Clifton, son of Claude Granville and Nuni St. John Clifton, on 20 April 1935 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia. Volga died on 6 November 1965 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Volga and Buford had one child, Lassister Neale Clifton. 

Lassister Neale Clifton is still alive and kicking and attempting to put this thing together with great help from his wife, Katherine Williams Clifton!


Please Note: 1 William Mitchell Clay and Mitchell Clay, Jr. are not the part of direct line for Henry J. Clay who married Mary (Polly)  AndersonHenry J. Clay was born 23 January 1807, Chesterfield County, Virginia. His  ancestors were: Henry Clay II and Lucy Green. Their son was Marston Clay.  Marston Clay's son was Marston Greenville Clay, Jr.; this is my mother's direct ancestry.

 However: Mitchell Clay's daughter, Mary Polly Clay married Ralph Stewart and their daughter, Catharine Stewart, married William Cook. His daughter, Rebecca Jane Cook, married Enoch Wills. His daughter, Mary Frances Wills, married John Henry Farley . His son, William Thomas Farley, married Lucy Alice Clay.  The result was my mother, Volga Farley, who married my father, Buford J. Clifton.


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