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I am fortunate to have *two separate Clifton listings, just to make things more interesting.    

bulbClifton List No. 1 This Clifton line is associated with my surname. We have them traced from England in to Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee
bulbClifton List No. 2 These Cliftons are also from England to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and finally to Virginia
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This is Listing Number 1 begins in England and it is another line associated with my SURNAME

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Osbert of Lancashire, England: He was probably a Saxon thane who was able to keep his lands after the Norman conquest. 

Walter of Lancashire, England: In 1170 he owned the manors of Clifton and Salwick in Lancashire, England

William De Clifton: Born about 1227 in Lytham, Lancashire, England.  He married about 1232 but we do not know the name of his spouse. His child was: Gilbert De Clifton, born about 1253 in Lytham, Lancashire, England.  He died about 1253.  William was the first to take the surname of Clifton

Gilbert De Clifton: Born about 1253 in Lytham, Lancashire, England. He married in 1278 in Clifton, Lancashire, England. His children were: William De Clifton  born about 1279; Thomas De Clifton born ca 1281; Henry De Clifton born about 1283, and John De Clifton born about 1285, all of his children were born in Clifton, Lancashire, England.  Gilbert De Clifton died about 1323 in Lytham, Lancashire, England.

William De Clifton, Sir KnightBorn about 1279 in Clifton, Lancashire, England.  We do not know when he died.  William married Ellen, surname unknown, she was born about 1304 in Clifton, Lancashire, England.  Their Children were:  William De Clifton born about 1305 and Joan Clifton, born about 1311, who married about 1340 Mathew De Chetleton of Clifton.

William De Clifton, Sir Knight:  Born about 1305, in Clifton with Salwick, Lancashire, England.  In September 1329 he married Margaret Shireburn, born about 1309 in Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England daughter of Robert Shireburn, Sir Knight.  Their only child was Nicholas De Clifton: born about 1330 in Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England.

Nicholas De Clifton, Sir Knight: Born about 1330, in Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England, he married Eleanor West, about 1353 in Sutterfield, Warwick, England; she was born about 1334 in Sutterfield, Warwick, England, daughter of Sir Knight Thomas West and Lady Alice Fitzherbert.  Their children were Robert De Clifton
and Thomas De Clifton born about 1355 in Salwick, Lancashire, England.  The date of Nicholas' death is unknown.  The name of his spouse is unknown. born about 1353 in Salwick, Lancashire, England

Robert De Clifton, Sir Knight: Born about 1353 in Salwick, Lancashire, England.  He married about 1377 and she was born about 1353, but her name is unknown.  Their children were: Thomas Clifton, born about 1378 in Salwick, Lancashire, England; Roger De Clifton born about 1380 in Salwick, Lancashire, England; and James De Clifton born about 1382 in Salwick, Lancashire, England.  Robert De Clifton died about 1382.

Thomas Clifton:
Born about 1378 Salwick, Lancashire, England.  Thomas dropped the De from his name.  He married about 1399 Agnes Molyneux of East Lothain, Scotland, daughter of Sir Knight Richard Moylneux and Lady Ellen Urswicke.  Their children were: James Clifton born about 1400 at Salwick, Lancashire, England and he died 8 September 1419.  He married Margaret Huddleston, born about 1404 at Milum Castle, Cumberland, daughter of Sir Knight Richard Huddleston and his wife.  Richard Clifton, born about 1402 in Salwick, Lancashire, England.  The Molyneux connection is interesting as it links this Clifton line to Royalty in Europe.  

Richard Clifton: Born about 1402 Salwick, Lancashire, England; Married Alice Butler about 1427. She was the daughter of John Butler and wife. Their Children were: James Clifton, born about 1728 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England; Robert Clifton born about 1730 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England.

James Clifton: Born about 1428 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England.  Married 1 March 1457 in Westmoreland, England;  Alice Lancaster was born about 1432 in Westmoreland, England, daughter of James Lancaster.  Their children were: Robert Clifton, born about 1437 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England.  We do not know the date of death of James.

Robert Clifton: Born about 1437 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England.  Married Margaret Butler abut 1450 in Bewsex, Lancashire, England.  She was born about 1435 and was the daughter of Nicholas Butler.  There children were:  William Clifton born about 1453 in Westby, Lancashire, England and Cuthbert Clifton born about 1453 in Westby, Lancashire, England.  The date of death for Robert is unknown.

William Clifton:  Born about 1453 in Westby North, Lancashire, England, and died 5 January 1536 in Lonsdale North, England.  He married Isabell Thornborough about 1473 in Hampfield, Lonsdale North, England.  Isabell was born about 1458 in Hampfield, Lonsdale North. She was the daughter of William Thornsborough and Elizabeth Broughton. 
Their children were:
  • Thomas Clifton born about 1475
  • William Clifton born about 1477
  • Ellen Clifton born about 1479

Thomas Clifton: Born about 1475 in Westby, Lancashire, England.  Married Ellen Osbaldiston about 1505, she was born about 1480.  Children: Cuthbert Clifton born about 1510; William Clifton born about 1512; Ellen Clifton born about 1514; and Isabell born about 1514.  All of the children were born in Wesby, Lancashire, England.

Cuthbert Clifton: Born about 1510 in Westby, Lancashire, England.  He married Catherine Houghton about 1540; she was born about 1515 the daughter of Sir Richard Houghton.  Their children were: Thomas Clifton born about 1545 and William Clifton born about 1547; John born about 1549; Ellen born about 1553; Cuthbert born about 1555; Elizabeth born about 1555; Mary born about 1557;  all born at Westby, Lancashire, England. 

Thomas Clifton: Born about 1545 in Westby, Lancashire, England.  He married Mary Norris about 1575, daughter of Sir Deward Norris.  Their child was: Cuthbert Clifton born about 1586 in Wesby, Lancashire, England.

Cuthbert Clifton, Sir Knight:  born about 1586, Westby, Lancashire, England. He married  about 1605 (1)Ann Tildesbury of Morley, Lancashire, England; she was born about 1590 and the daughter of Thomas Tildesbury.   There children were:  Thomas Clifton born about 1606, Westby, Lancashire, England; Cuthbert Clifton born about 1608 in Westby, Lancashire, England and died October 1642; Cuthbert was a Colonel.  Elizabeth Clifton born about 1610, Westby, Lancashire, England and died 1642; Charles Clifton born about 1612 in Westby, Lancashire, England. 

Cuthbert married a second time Dorothy Thomas Smyth, daughter of George Smyth and Anne Gifford. Their children were: Gervase Clifton born 1616; Lawrence Clifton born 1618; Francis Clifton born 1620; John Clifton born 1622; Ann Clifton born 1624; Alice Clifton born 1626; Jane Clifton born 1628; Dorothy Clifton born 1630; Catherine Clifton born 1632 and Mary Clifton born 1634.  All of the children were born at Westby, Lancashire, England.  Sir Cuthbert bought the Manor of Lytham in 1606.

Thomas Clifton: Born in about 1606 in Westby, Lancashire, England. He married abut 1624 Ann Halsall, daughter of Sir Cuthbert Halsall and Jane Halsall.  Five of Thomas' daughters were nuns.  Their children were:  Cuthbert Clifton born about 1625; Thomas Clifton born 7 July 1628; John Clifton born about 1630; William Clifton born about 1632; Richard Clifton born about 1632; James Clifton born about 1636; Anne Clifton born about 1638; Elizabeth Clifton born about 1640; Dorothy Clifton born about 1642; Alice Clifton born about 1644; Bridget Clifton born about 1646; Frances Clifton born about 1648; Margaret Clifton born about 1650 and Ann Clifton born about 1652.  All of his children were born in Westby, Lancashire, England.  Jane Halsall died in 1675 in Salwick, Lancashire , England.  For more about the Halsall line.

James Clifton: Born about 1636 in Westby, Lancashire, England.  He married Ann Brent about 1661, daughter of George Brent and Marianna Peyton1,2.  Ann was born about 1640.  There children were: Cuthbert Clifton; Thomas Clifton born about 1675; Father William Clifton born about 1664; Francis Clifton; James Clifton born about 1666; Bridget Clifton born about 1670 and Catherine Clifton born about 1672.  All of the children were born in Westby, Lancashire, England. 

James Clifton was the first to come to America; he was in St. Mary's Co., Maryland 12 October 1663 and in 1669 he was in Stafford Co., Virginia and was called son of Thomas Clifton of Westby and Clifton, Lancashire, England.  He owned land near the present city of Alexandria, Virginia.  He returned home before 1679 and died there in 1714.

Thomas Clifton: Born about 1675 in Westby, Lancashire, England and died about 1708.  He married Sarah Ashton Alexander, the widow of Colonel Alexander in Richmond, VA. Sarah died in 1749.  Their children:  Ann Clifton born 5 September 1706 in Stafford County, VA.   Burdette Clifton born 29, June 1708 in Stafford County, VA.
Thomas entered the Society of Jesus in 1698 and left in 1699. He was in Virginia in July 1706.

Burdette Clifton:  Born  29 June 1708 in Stafford County,Virginia.  He married Frances Hill 15 July 1732 at St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia.  Frances was his first wife, their children were:  Thomas Clifton born 20 April 1734; Burdette Clifton born 3 February 1736; Baldwin  Clifton born 3 February 1736; Anne Clifton born 14 August 1737; Sarah Clifton born 10 April 1740; Jane Clifton born 14 May 1743; Elizabeth Clifton born 14 May 1743.  All of his children were born in Stafford County,VA.

Burdette married 2nd time Grace Seaton on 18 May 1745. Their children were: Charles Clifton born 12 December 1747; Henry born 7 March 1748, both born in Stafford County, Virginia.

Burdette married 3rd time Mildred ____.  Their children were: William Clifton born about 1750; Judith born about 1752, both born in Stafford County, VA.

Burdette Clifton left a will in Stafford County, Virginia; on 2 December 1760. It was recorded 13, July 1762.  A copy of this will is in the possession of Neale Clifton.

Thomas Clifton: Born 20 April 1734, Stafford County, VA.  He married Ann Thomas, at St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia marriage is listed in the parish register. The birth of their son r.  They also had two sons:
  • William born in 1756, in Stafford County, Virginia, died 1830 in Patrick County, Virginia2. For more information about William and his descendats click here.
  • John Clifton 20 February 1758 is also listed in the St. Paul's Parish Register

 John Clifton, son ofJohn Clifton
John Clifton: Born 20 February 1758 in Stafford County, Virginia. Married about 1793 to Nancy Jones, daughter of John and Judith Jones of Halifax County, North Carolina. John and Nancy Jones Clifton had the following children:
  • Elizabeth Clifton Kimble was born circa 1794;
  • William Clifton was born in 1796, married Rachel Land in 1818, died 14 May 1883 in Patrick County, Virginia
  • John Robert "Jack" Clifton3 was born in 1802; 
  • Elias  Clifton4 was born in 1809; 
  • Nancy Sarah Clifton born about 1810/1811;
  • Martin Jones Clifton6 born in 1810 and 
  • Emanuel Clifton born circa 1813 in Virginia.
At the moment we have several links to descendants of John Clifton's children. Links to the information will either be a numbered, underlined or the name will be underlined. We will be bringing the information to you as soon as we can.

One of their children, Martin Jones Clifton, according to information on the marriage license signed by Martin Jones when he married Nancy, doesn't provide John's date of  death.  In addition, his father is not found on the Census records after 1830.  In the 1840 U.S.Census for Patrick County, Virginia, a Nancy Clifton was living with a John Clifton age about 45, this must be the son. In 1850 Nancy Clifton, age 72,  is living  with Daniel Vipperman in Patrick County, Virginia.  John  was the son of Thomas Clifton and Ann Thomas.  His birth is found in St. Paul's Parish Register, Stafford County, Virginia.   
Martin Jones Clifton
Martin Jones Clifton
Martin J. Clifton6: Born 22 December 1810 in Henry County, Virginia. He Married Susannah Barrett on 22 December 1828 in Patrick County Virginia. Susannah was born in Patrick County, Virginia 13 November 1810, a daughter of John and Elizabeth Ridley Barrett. Susannah died in Russell County, Virginia on 6 June 1856. Martin J. Clifton died 30 March 1890 in Surgoinsville, Hawkins County Tennessee. One of their children was Elias C. Clifton. Martin Jones Clifton and second wife, Matilda Martin Clifton are interred in the Simmons Cemetery in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Martin's third wife, Rebecca J. Clifton, is also buried in Simmons Cemetery.
Elias C. Clifton
Elias C. Clifton
Elias C. Clifton a son of Martin Jones Clifton, born in Patrick County, Virginia in 1833. He Married Barbara Ann Mitchell in Russell County, Virginia in 1852. Barbara was born in Virginia in 1835. They had a son, James Ervin Clifton. Elias, as many of my ancestors, served in the army of the Confederate States of America during the War Between the States. Please see Ancestors serving in War Between the States.
James E. Clifton
James E. Clifton
James Ervin Clifton Born 13 June 1854 in Russell County, Virginia. He married Susan Carrie Privett in February 1876 in Washington County, Virginia. James Ervin Clifton and Susan Carrie Privett are buried in the Garrett Cemetery, Greendale, Washington County, Virginia. They had a son, Claude Granville Clifton, my grandfather. Among James Ervin's talents was cabinet making. I found that out about 20 years ago from a cousin, Georgie Pippen Kestner. It seems James made a kitchen table for her when she married George Kestner.
Claude G. Clifton
Claude Granville Clifton Born 13 March 1888 in Washington County, Virginia. He married Nuni Carrie St. John 20 January 1910 in Washington County, Virginia. Claude Granville Clifton died 10 June 1968 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. Both Claude and Nunie are interred at Forest Hills Memorial Gardens, near Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. They had three children, their eldest son was Buford James Clifton, who married Volga Farley of Welch, West Virginia. Their daughter, Juanita married Charles Meek, of Smyth County, Virginia and the youngest son, Eldridge Clifton, married Dorothy Westmoreland of Dalton, Georgia.
Buford J. Clifton
Buford James Clifton Born 24 May 1913 in Greendale, Washington County, Virginia. Buford married 20 April 1935 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia to Volga Farley.  They had one child, a son Lassister Neale Clifton.  Volga died 5 November 1965 in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Buford died at home 5 July 1981 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Buford and Volga are both buried in Olive Branch Cemetery, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Lassister Neale Clifton, was born in West Virginia. He married Katherine Carol Williams in Florida. They have two children born in Virginia, Lassisiter Neale Clifton, Jr. and Debra Lynn Clifton.
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rule 18
It has taken many years to get this line linked to an English ancestor in 1170. Along the way Kathy and I published the CLIFTON CLAN CHRONICLE newsletter for about ten  years.  After visiting an untold number of Court Clerk offices and numerous libraries and getting input from a large profusion of researchers though our newsletter and other connections, we were stymied. My personal opinion was, John Clifton had been dropped in Henry County, Virginia by a "flying saucer". Finally, I decided to use one more bit of modern technology to try clearing up the puzzle.  I took a genetic YDNA test.  The results led me to the link of my John Clifton of Henry County to Thomas Clifton, son of Burdett Clifton of Stafford County, Virginia. Enigma answered!

Now is the time to give credit to some of the wonderful folks who furnished much needed information. We have obtained Clifton data and enlightenment over the years from many relatives and researchers.The list is too long to enumerate, so here are just a few: Nettie Clifton and Robert Paul Clifton helped with information about the John Clifton family of Henry and Patrick Counties in Virginia. Nettie Clifton has a publication she keeps current about JOHN AND NANCY CLIFTON. Robert Paul Clifton contributed considerable information before he died several years ago. Horace Clifton, son of Martin J Clifton and his third wife, Rebecca Miles Clifton, compiled quite a bit of information back in the 1950s. Fred Clifton was important in collecting and arranging the John Clifton family history as well as the history of Patrick County, Virginia. Nell Wright also contributed family history in book form years ago. We also obtained information from Dr. Julie Clifton Laughner about the Cliftons in England and Stafford County, Virginia. Daniel W. Clifton furnished information about the Burdett Clifton family. Dr. Laughner has a book she has published, THE CLIFTON FAMILY FROM LANCASHIRE ENGLAND TO THE UNITED STATES. If any of you want to contact Dr. Julie Laughner, contact us with your information. We will let them know how to reach you. Unfortunately Netti S. Clifton passed away early this year, so you can contact us. We will try to help you. I know I left some one out of this synopsis. If you are one of many contributors I left out, I apologize.

Those of us doing family research realize the time, and hard work put into getting names and dates, links and historical information correct and in proper chronological order. I don't even need to mention all the misinformation we acquire along the way and the two steps forward and at least one step back we all make as we approach our task of being amature detectives.

Genealogy is similar to a disease  and there is no cure for those of us with the  affliction.  We just get a reward now and then and go on to the next name in our personal history, then repeat the process.

L. Neale Clifton


Now for Listing Number Two. This line also starts in England as well.  The very interesting part of this one
is a descendant of this line marries into the above CLIFTON line!

This makes me the descendant of  "TWO (And at this point, distinct) CLIFTON LINES"


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Richard Clifton of England and Anne ___ had a son, Thomas Clifton, born in England about 1606.
Thomas Clifton, born about 1606 in England, married about 16271 in Weymouth, Massachusetts, to Mary Butterworth, born in 1608, in Rehoboth, Notts, England and daughter of Henry Butterworth and Mary ___. Thomas died 9 July 1681 in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island. Thomas and Mary had a daughter, Mary Clifton, born 18 January 1687 in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island.

Mary Clifton was born 18 January 1620 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. She died 19 February 1697, in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. In 1647 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, she married Obadiah Bowen born 18 September 1627 in Wales, England. He died 10 September 1710. They had a daughter Lydia Bowen.

 Lydia Bowen Born 23 April 1666, Rehoboth, Massachusetts, she died 25 May 1758. She married Joseph Mason, Born 6 March 1663, Rehoboth, Massachusetts. They were married 4 September 1686. Joseph died 19 May 1748, in Warren, Rhode Island. They had a son Joseph Mason.

Joseph Mason 
Born 30 April 1687, Swansea, Massachusetts, died 20 April 1761 in Warren, Rhode Island. He married Elizabeth Barney, born 17 January 1693
, Rehoboth, Massachusetts. She died 3 November 1757. They had a daughter Freelove Mason. 

Freelove Mason Born 14 November 1720 in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. She died 1792, Washington County, Virginia. She married Joseph Cole, Sr., Born 3 May 1716 in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He died 22 May 1785 in Washington County, Virginia. They were married 1 May 1738 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. They had a son Sampson Cole.

Sampson Cole Born 7 March 1755 in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He died 25 July 1833 in Smyth County, Virginia. He married Lydia Wheeler, Born about 177/1778 in New York. She died 25 March 1841 n Smyth County, Virginia. They had a daughter Elizabeth Cole.

Elizabeth Cole Born 1796, Died 20 May 1800, Washington County, Virginia. She married Andrew Patterson Born 1784 in Virginia. Andrew Died 19 June 1862, Washington County, Virginia.They married 6 September 1814, Washington County, Virginia. They had a daughter, Martha Patterson.

Martha Patterson Born 22 June 1831, Smyth County, Virginia. She died 20 June 1889, Smyth County, Virginia. She married Campbell Berry St. John, Born 18 April 1830, South Fork, Washington County, Virginia. He died 20 October 1879, South Fork, Washington County, Virginia.. They had a son Andrew David St. John.

 Andrew David St. John Born 28 September 1850 in Washington County, Virginia. He died 12 February 1897, and is buried in Damascus, Washington County, Virginia. He married Julianna Dye, Born 1869 in Russell County, Virginia. They had a daughter Nuni Carrie St. John.

Nuni Carrie St. John, Born 8 November 1894, Washington County, Virginia. She died 25 November 1971 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. She married 20 January 1910, Washington County, Virginia Claude Granville Clifton, Born 13 March 1888, Washington County, Virginia. He died 10 June 1968, Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. They had a son Buford James Clifton.

Buford James Clifton, Born 24 May 1913, Greendale, Washington County, Virginia.  He married Volga Farley, 20 April 1935 Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia . They had one son, Lassister Neale Clifton. Volga died 5 November 1965 in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Buford  died at home 5 July 1981, in Portsmouth, Virginia. Buford and Volga are both buried in Olive Branch Cemetery, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Lassister Neale Clifton, Born in West Virginia. Married Katherine Carol Williams in Sarasota, Florida. They have two children, Lassister Neale Clifton, Jr. and Debra Lynn Clifton.  As you can see, Nuni St. John of Clifton List Two, married Claude Granville Clifton of List One. This makes me the descendant of two Clifton lines with no proven connection in England yet.  Isn't genealogy great?
1U.S. and International Marriage Records 1560-1900. Source information- Yates Publishing- Provo Utah, Ancestry. com
2 Teresa Johnson's family outline, Dr. Julie Clifton Laughner recieved 5 August 1999

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