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William De Longespee 1st Earl of Salisbury, was born 1175-76  in England and died 7 March 1225-26 in Salsbury, Wilts, England. He was  an illegitimate  son of King Henry II Plantagenet and  Countess Ida Toesny. William De Longespee married Ela Fitzpatrick, born 1191 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England; died 24 August 1261 in Lacock, Wiltshire, England.  Their son, Stephen De Longespee, was born about 1216 in Sutton Co., Northampton, England. Please see Plantagenet

William De Longespee tomb

Stephen De Longespee was born about 1216 in Sutton Co., Northampton, England. a son of William De Longespee and Ela Fitzpatrick. He married Emaline de Ridlelisford in 1243-44.  Emaline Ridelisford, born 1223 and died 1275-76, was a daughter of Walter de Ridelisford.   Stephen and Emaline de Ridedislford De Longespee had a daughter, Ela Longespeeborn about 1244.

Ela Longespee was  born about 1244. The daughter of Stephen and Ela De Longespee married Roger De La Zouche before 1267.  Please see: De La Zouche 

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