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Neale's Dyes

Bartholomew Die was born about 1566 in England.  He married Joan Watts. Their child was David.

David Die was born in 1598 in England  He married Elizabeth Howe.  Their children were Martin, William, Robert and John.

Martin Dye was born in 1655 in England. Arrived in Virginia in 1677.  He married Margaret Sasson, daughter of Robert Sasson, Jr. in 1672 in Virginia  Their children were Arthur, Sarah and Thomas. Martin Dye died 2 February 1747 in Old Rapahannock County, Virginia Margaret Sasson was born in
18 May 1643 in Rappahannock, Virginia and  died in 1747 in Stafford County, Virginia in

Arthur Dye was born about 1673 and died about 1728.  He married Katherine Hopkins, daughter of Robert Hopkins, Jr.  Their children were Jacob,  Arthur, Avery, Charity, James, John, Abraham, Laurence, William, George and Martin.

Jacob Dye was born about 1700 and died about 1785.  He married Mary Randolph.  Their children were Abraham William, William Shadrick, Jacob Isaac and Mary.

Abraham William Dye was born about 1762 in probably Halifax Co., VA.  He died February 3, 1787 in Caswell Co., NC.  He married Latticia Coulson about 1810 in Russell Co., VA. She was the daughter of John Coulson and Rachel Brown.  Their children were Fountain, Nancy, George, John Pryor, Robert and Branson.

Branson Dye
was born about 1808 in Russell County, VA, died February 5, 1881 in Washington Co. VA.  He married Sarah Kelly born about 1810 and died about 1840 Washington Co., VA.  Their children were Hugh, Anderson, Jefferson, Richardson, Malisse, Cummings, Margaret, Mary Ann and two infants who died at birth.  Second, Branson Dye married Mary Finney .

Jefferson Dye was born about 1829 in Russell Co., VA, he died July 11, 1898 in Washington Co., VA.  He married Sarah Sally Price, who we think is the mother of these children.  James, Mary, Thomas K., Henry, Lilburn, Harvey, Frances, Charles, Elihu and Julianna. 

Julianna Dye was born about 1869 in Russell Co., VA.  She married Andrew David St. John, born 28 September 1850, Washington Co., VA. and died February 12, 1897, Washington Co., VA. They were married July 2, 1890. Their children were Eliza Margaret born February 2, 1892, Preston Wolf born October 15, 1893, Nuni Carrie born November 8, 1894 and  Minnie born 21 November 1896.  Julianna married Samuel T. Bailey on August 11, 1898 and they had two sons, Taft and Thomas.

Julianna Dye
Julianna Dye
Nuni Carrie St. John married Claude Granville Clifton born March 13, 1888 in Washington Co., VA.  He died June 10, 1968 in Abingdon, Washington Co., VA.  They were married January 20, 1910 in Washington Co., VA.  Nuni died November 25, 1971 in Abingdon, Washington Co., VA.  They had three children, Buford, Juanita, and Eldridge .

Buford James Clifton was born May 24, 1913 in Washington Co., VA.  He died July 5, 1981 in Portsmouth, VA.  He married Volga Farley born June 16, 1915 in Welch, McDowell Co., WVA and she died November 6, 1965 in Portsmouth, VA. Volga is the daughter of William Thomas and Lucy Alice Clay Farley.  They had one son Lassister Neale Clifton.

Lassister Neale Clifton was born in Welch, McDowell Co., WVA.  He married Katherine Carol Williams Florida.  They had two children Lassister Neale Clifton, Jr. and Debra Lynn Clifton.

Lassister Neale Clifton Jr. was born  in Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., VA. He married Debra Marie Ford in Portsmouth, VA.  They had one son David Wayne.  He married second Billie Moriarie Lewis and they had one daughter Jessica Lee.

Jessica Lee married Jeremy Clark and they have one son Conner Addison Clark

Debra Lynn Clifton was born  in Portsmouth, VA.  She married Robert Deward Carlisle.   They had five children:  Kathleen Hope, Robert Curtis, Stephanie Diane, Robin Denise and William Thomas.  She married second Scott Duane Beeler. Third, Derbra Lynn married Robert Mintz.

Kathleen Hope Carlisle had a son Tristan Parker Carlisle, who died at birth.  She has two daughters Rheanna Michelle Van Dalsum and Raven Michelle Van Dalsum. Their father is Jon Wilhelm Van Dalsum.

Stephanie Diane Carlisle has one daughter Shyanne Lynn.  She married Christopher Helmkamp. They have two children: Christoper and William Tristen.

Robin Denise Carlisle married Rhys Durham and they have one son, Benjamin Terry, and a daughter,  Alysia Durham.

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