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Neale's Farleys settled in Wyoming County, Virginia, now West Virginia

William Thomas and Lucy Alice Clay Farley with a daughter, Volga Farley Clifton

William Thomas and Lucy Alice Clay Farley with a daughter, Volga Farley Clifton
Tom's Mountain, Welch, West Virginia

John Farley was born about 1460 Bosbury, Herefordshire, England. He died about 1517 in England. He had one son Richard Farley.

Richard Farley born about 1485 In Herefordshire, England. He married Joan Eausham about 1528. Joan was born about 1495 in Worcestershire, England. They had one son Reginald. Richard died about 1576 and Joan about 1533 in England.

Reginald Farley was born about 1530 in Towthrope, Yorkshire, England. He married Barbara Hastings 1562 in Yorkshire, England. Reginald died about 1622 in Firthshire, England and Barbara died in Worcester, England. Reginald and Barbara had one son Roger.

Roger Farley was born 1564 in Towthrope, Yorkshire, England. He married Isobel Humphreys in 1584. Roger died 22 September 1622 in Worcester, England and Isobel died 1606 in Worcester.  They had one child: Thomas Farley.

Thomas Farley was born 15 1591 in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. Thomas married Jane Molyneux 12 November 1622 in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. Jane was born about 1602 and died after 1650 in Jamestown, Virginia.  Thomas died after 1650 at Archer's Hope, James City County, Jamestown, Virginia. Thomas and Jane's children were:  Ann born 1623 at Sea on the Ship the Ann; Archer born 1627 Farley's Neck, Virginia; Barbara born 1628 at Archer's Hope, Jamestown, Virginia; George born 1631 at Archer's Hope, Jamestown, Virginia; Philip born 1633 Archer's Hope, Jamestown, Virginia; Thomas born 1636 at Archer's Hope, Jamestown, Virginia. Virgina born 1637 at Archer's Hope, Jamestown, Virginia; Fabyan born 1640; James C. born 1645; Elizabeth born 1645; Richard born 1647; John B. born 1648 Charles City, Virginia; William born 1648 and Thompson born 1650 at Charles City, Virginia.
John B. Farley, Sr. was born 1648 in Charles City, Virginia.  John married Mary Willett, daughter of Edward and Bridgett Willet, about 1688 in Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Virginia, she was born 13 April 1651 in Henrico County, Virginia.  John died 1732 in Bristol Parish, Henrico, Virginia and Mary died about 1732 in Henrico, Virginia.  Their children were: Mary B. Farley born 1668 Charles City, Virginia; John B. Farley, Jr born 06 April 1670 in Charles City, Virginia; Joseph S.Farley born 1673 Amelia County, Virginia; Samuel B. born 1672 Charles City, Virginia; Edward born 1678 Henrico County, Virginia; James B. born 1680 in Archer's Hope, James City, Virginia; Matthew born 1682 in Henrico, Virginia; William born 1685 Henrico, Virginia; Archer born 1688 Henrico, Virginia and Edward B.  born 1688 in Henrico, Virginia.; John Farley Sr, was issued a land grant for 17 acres on 5 September 1749 at Henrico County.

John B. Farley, Jr. was born 06 April 1670 in Charles City, Henrico, Virginia. About 1700  in Chesterfield, Henrico, Virginia he married Elizabeth Atkins daughter of James and Sarah Atkins. John died 16 April 1754 in Dale Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia and Elizabeth died after 1754 in Chesterfield, Virginia. Their children were: John B. born 1702 in Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Francis Marion born 25 October 1703 in Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Mary Elizabeth born about 1707 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; William born 1710 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Sarah born about 1711 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; James F. born 1712 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Joseph born 1715 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Forrest born 1717 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Peter born 19 April 1718 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Matthew A. 1719 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia; Henry A. born 1721 Bristol Parish, Chesterfield, Virginia and Simon born about 1723 and died 13 Jun 1756 in Isle of Antigua.

Francis Marion Farley, Sr. was born 23 October 1703 in Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Chesterfield, Virginia. In 1723 he married Nancy Anna Whitlow in Henrico County, Virginia. Nancy was born 1705 in Henrico County, Virginia. Francis died 22 October 1791 in Indian Creek, Greenbriar County, Virginia and Nancy died in Greenbriar County, Virginia. Francis is buried on the James Dickerson Farm, Indian Creek, Greenbriar County, Virginia. Their children were: Francis Marion, Jr born 1726 Henrico County,Virginia; John J. born 1728 Henrico County, Virginia; Thomas Farley born 27 October Henrico County, Virginia; Booker born 1733 Henrico County, Virginia; James Archer born 1735 Montgomery County, Virginia; Anne born 1740 Montgomery County, Virginia.

Francis Marion Farley, Jr. was born 1726 Henrico County, Virginia. About 1760 he married Ann Nancy Blankenship, daughter of James and Mary Eanes Blankenship, in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  Frances died 1829 in Shawneetown, White County, Illinois and Ann died after 1802 in Shawneetown, White County, Illinois. Their children were: Nancy Elizabeth born 1758 Fort Farley, Monroe County, Virginia; Mary born 1763 Augusta County, Virginia; Francis Marion III born 1767 Mercer County, Virginia; Edward born 27 October 1768 Bedford Green, Rockingham County, Virginia; Joanna born 1769 in Bedford County, Virginia; Adam born 1771; George born 1766 Virginia; Gideon born 1775 Bedford Green, Rockingham County, Virginia; Drewery born 1776 Bedford County, Virginia; and John Farley 1779 Montgomery County, Virginia.

Francis Marion Farley, Jr. served as a scout in the Virginia Militia around 1774 when the settlers were having problems with the Shawnee Indians. He served in the Revolutionary War and his name is found on the rolls of Captain Adam Clement's Company of the Virginia Militia in 1781. Of interest it is said that he carried the express mail between Washington's army and Jamestown during the Revolutionary War, but there has been no documentation found to date.

George Farley was born 1766 in Virginia.; On 07 June 1797 in Greenbriar County, Virginia he married Elizabeth Lucas.  George died in 1850 and Elizabeth also died in 1850. Their children were: Joseph Farley born 1800 Logan County, Virginia and Matison born 1815.
Joseph Farley born about 1800 in Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Toler.  Children: Jackson, Wesley, Rebecca and Sarah. Reference: 1850 Census Wyoming Co., West Virginia.

Jackson Farley born May 1832 in Wyoming Co., VA , married Elizabeth Polly Laxton, daughter of Thomas and Jane Palsey Laxton. Elizabeth was born 31 May 1813 Hawkins County, Tennessee and she died in Wyoming County, Virginia of Consumption. Polly was a sister to Nancy Laxton who married Enoch Berry Wills. When Jackson married his second wife he was 22 years old and was listed on the record as a Widower. Elizabeth was much older than Jackson but they did have one child: John Henry Farley

Jackson married
Abigail Rose, age 22 born in Ashe Co., NC, daughter of Joel Rose and Virginia Jane Sizemore, on 18 March 1854 in Wyoming Co., Virginia. (they also married a second time 28 April 1860 in Wyoming Co., Virginia). This is "up in the air again." We will let you know the next version soon.

Jackson had seven wives after Elizabeth Laxton. William Thomas always said his grandmother was Elizabeth Clay, and that was Jackson's wife after Abigail around 1860. She was probably the only mother known by John Henry. I guess he was right after all and we all did not know. Thanks to Darryl Miller Wyoming County, West Virginia for telling us about Elizabeth Laxton. Reference: 1850 Census Wyoming Co., VA and Wyoming County WV Marriages.

John Henry Farley born September 1856, Wyoming County, Virginia. He died 29 April 1939 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia. He married Mary Frances Wills (daughter of Enoch Berry Wills and Rebecca Jane Cook, 28 February 1879, Raleigh County, West Virginia. Mary was and born 15 October 1856 Rock castle, Virginia and died 1941 in Beckley, West Virginia. Children: William Thomas Farley, Victoria, Enoch B, Bee C., Lula P., Coy O., Marie Maude, Stella M. Lula B.  Please note: The oouter space motif of this page was done in W. T. Farley's honor. He loved outer space, infinity, and the great work of God.

William Thomas Farley born 9 March 1879, Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia [Picture]. He died 10 March 1965 Portsmouth, Virginia. He married 28 May 1902 in West Virginia, Lucy Alice Clay born 25 August 1882, Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia. She died 23 December 1960, Portsmouth,Virginia. Children: Edowa, Glattrus and Volga Farley.

Volga Farley born 16 June 1915. Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia. She died 6 November 1965 Portsmouth, Virginia. She married 20 April 1935 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia, Buford James Clifton, born 24 May 1913 Greendale, Washington County, Virginia. He died 5 July 1981, Portsmouth, Virginia. Child: Lassister Neale Clifton.

Lassister Neale Clifton born Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia. He married Katherine Carol Williams born Orlando, Orange County, Florida. They have two children Lassister Neale Clifton, Jr and Debra Lynn Clifton Carlisle Beeler Mintz.


More information about Glattrus Farley, Volga's older sister.

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