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Thomas Green I was born in 1575 in Bobbing, Kent, England. and married Martha Malone, born in 1607, in the Netherlands, before 1635 in the Netherlands. The couple boarded the ship, Speedwell, on 28 May 1635.  Before they arrived in the New World they had a son, Thomas Green II, born at sea in 1635. Thomas Green I died in Petersburg, Virginia, after 1635.

Thomas Green II had an unusual nickname, "The Seagull," derived from his birth at sea on the ship, Speedwell, while Thomas I and Martha were coming from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Virginia, in 1635.  He married Martha Elizabeth Filmer, born 1640 in East Sutton, Kent, England, in Williamsburg, James City County, Virginia.  Thomas and Martha had seven children: Thomas Abner Green III, Henry Filmer Green, John Green, Elizabeth Green, Mary Green, Rebecca Green, Abraham Green, William Marston Green, and Hannah Green. Thomas Green II died in Amelia County, Virginia in 1714.  Martha Elizabeth Filmer Green died in Petersburg, Virginia.

Thomas Abner Green III was born in South Hampton Parish, Cumberland County, Virginia in 1665.  He married Elizabeth Marvell Marston, born 25 November 1672 , in 1715 in Amelia County, Virginia.  Elizabeth was a daughter of Thomas Marston, born 1640 in James City County Virginia, died 1720, and Elizabeth Marvell, born 1672 and died 1750. Thomas and Elizabeth had ten children: Lucy Marston Green, born 19 July 1717 in Cumberland County, Virginia, ; Elizabeth Green, born about 1715 in Amelia County, Virginia; Martha Green; John Green; Mary Green; William Mitchell Green; Marston Green, born in 1726 in Amelia County; Rebecca Green; Martha Green, born 25 November 1719 in Amelia County, Virginia, married Charles Clay on 11 November 1741, in Virginia, and died 6 September 1763 in Virginia; Thomas Marston Green, Sr., born 19 November 1723 in Williamsburg, James City County, Virginia, married Martha Wills on 21 November 1732, died 1802 in Jefferson County Mississippi.

Lucy Marston Green was born 19 July 1717 in Cumberland County, Virginia. She married Henry Clay II in 1735 in Cumberland County, Virginia, and died in 1805. More information, see: Clay.

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