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William Gresham was born 22 April 1522 in England. He died 20 June 1578 in England.  He married Beatrice Guybon, born 1530 in England.  Beatrice died 22 May 1604 in England.  William and Beatrice's had one son Thomas Gresham.

Thomas Gresham was born 1561 in Surrey England.  He married on 23 Augsut 1587 in England, Mary Lennard born 1558 in Kent England.  Thomas died 01 July 1630 in England and Mary died 02 December 1620 in England. They had one son Edward Gresham.

Edward Gresham was  born 1590 inTitsey, Surrey England.  On 19 May 1615 in Kent, England he married Mary Clerke born 1595 in England and died 1626 in Kent, England. Edward and Mary had one son Edward Gresham.

 Edward Gresham was born 1618 in Surrey, England.  His wife is not known.  He died 1704in Axools Swamp, Virginia.  He had one son Thomas Gresham.

Thomas Gresham was born 1657 in Middlesex County, Virginia.  On 16 June 1704 he married Mary Elizabeth born 1655.  Thomas died 13 July 1721 in Middlesex County, VA.  Mary Elizabeth died 07 April 1735 in Middlesex County,Virginia.  There children were: Charles Gresham born 10 March 1687, King and Queen County, Virginia; Thomas Gresham born 09 June 1689 King and Queen County,  Virginia; John Gresham born 05, January 1692 in Middlesex County, Virginia; Frances Gresham born 06 March 1695 in Middlesex County, Virginia; and Aimey Gresham born 09 November 1697 in New Kent County,Virginia. 

Charles Gresham born 10 March 1687  in King and Queen County, Virginia.  Charles married Mary about 1698.  Charles died March 1727 in Essex County, Virginia.  Charles and Mary had one son John Gresham born 1714 in Hobbs Hole, Essex County, Virginia.

John Gresham born 1714 Hobbs Hole, Essex County, Virginia.  John married Barbara Burdyne 1746 in Virginia. Barbara was born 1739 in Madison, Culpeper County, Virginia, the daughter of Richard Burdyne and Catherine Tanner. John died 1814 in Pickens County, South Carolina and Barbara died about 1820 in Abbeville, South Carolina.    Hannah Grisham; Katy Grisham born about 1746; Mary Grisham born about 1755 in Virginia; Elizabeth (Betty) Grisham born 1760 in Virginia; John Grisham born 14 March 1761 in Culpeper County, Virginia and Susannah Grisham born 26 June 1776. The children of John and Barbara changed the spelling of their name from "E" to "I" in 1776. 

Mary Gresham born about 1755 in Virginia.  Before 1770 in Virginia she married William Poor. Mary and William's children were: Three females we do not know their names or anythng about their births.  David born about 1770; John born about 1774 in Virginia; William Poor, Jr. born before 1775 Virginia; Delilah Poor born 1777 in Virginia;  Samuel Poor born 07 July 1787 in Virginia; and Lemuel Poor born about 1794. 
William Poor and John Gresham were neighbors in Henry County, Virginia and sold their land at the same time and migrated to Pendleton District, South Carolina.  They just pushed the Indians who were on that land out and took it over.

Delilah Poor  was born 1777 in Virginia.  Delilah died after 1850 in Anderson County, South Carolina. She was listed on the 1850 cenus for Anderson County, SC.  She had one son Harper Poor.


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