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Sir Thomas Halsall was born in 1500 in Lancashire.  Sir Thomas was knighted at the coronation of Anne Boleyn. He married Jane Stanley born 1500 in Melling. They had a son, Henry Halsall, born 1531, in Lancashire, England. Sir Thomas Halsall (1537).   Through his marriage to Jane Stanley, he acquired the estate of Melling, Sir Thomas died in 15391

Henry Halsall was born in 1531, in Lancashire, England., and died in Halsall, Lancashire, England. He married Anne Molyneux, born 1509 in Sefton, Lancashire, England, and died June 1589 in Lancashire, England. She was a daughter of Sir William Molyneux and Jane Rugge, born in Shropshire, England. Jane Rugge was the daughter of Sir Richard Rugge and Margaret Moreton. Sir Richard married twice, firstly to Elizabeth Clifton, and secondly, Jane Rugge. Henry Halsall and and Molyneux had a son, Richard Halsall,

Richard Halsall was born  in 1552 in Halsall, Burscough, Lancashire, England2, a son of  Henry Halsall and Anne Molyneux. He died in Lancashire, England, 11 July 1609. In 1570, in Lancashire, Richard married Ann Barlow, daughter of Alexander Barlow, born 1524 and died 1584. Ann Barlow was born in 1551 in Chorlton,  Lancashire. Richard and Ann had a son, Sir Cuthbert Halsall, born 1594 in Ribchester, Lancashire, England.

Sir Cuthbert Halsall, born 1594 in Ribchester, Lancashire, England.  He was a son of Richard Halsall and Ann Barlow. Sir Cuthbert married Dorothy Stanley, born 1594 in Halsall, Lancashire, England. Dorothy was a daughter of Henry Stanley and his mistress, second cousin, Jane Halsall. Stanley's wife at the time was Margaret Clifford, with whom he had four children (no relation to this line). Sir Cuthbert Halsall and Dorothy Stanley had a daughter, Anne Halsall, born in Lancashire, England.

Anne Halsall was born in Halsall, Lancashire, England a daughter of Sir Cuthbert Halsall and Jane Halsall. Anne married Thomas Clifton 11, November 1618 in Halsall Church in Halsall, Lancaster England.  She died 1675,  Salwick, Lancashire, England
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