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Robert Hill was born in 1570 in England.  He married Judith Atkinson, daughter to William Atkinson,  1590 in England.  In 1609 Robert and Judith along with William boarded the ship Diamond under Captain Radcliffe, master, from Plymouth, England and reached Jamestown, Virginia in August 1609.  This ship was with the fleet of ships that were caught in a hurricane. Several ships were lost and some reached Jamestown.  They paid 87 pounds 10 shillings (about $436.00) to the London Company.  Robert returned to England, but came back as he was in Elizabeth City, Virginia April 15, 1630.  The children of Robert and Judith: Edward Hill born in England in 1590, died May 15. 1624 in Elizabeth City, Virginia.  Edward married Mary Boyle;  John Hill born 1593 in England.  Settled in Isle of Wight, Virginia; Henry Hill born in 1594 in England.  Settled in Accomack County. Commander of Horse.

Edward Hill was born in 1590.  He married Mary Boyle, daughter of Richard Boyle of Blackfair, London.  Edward came to Virginia prior to 1621.  He was a member of Council of Elizabeth City, Virginia.  He died May 15, 1624 in Elizabeth City, Virginia.  Children of Edward and Mary: Col. Edward Hill born 1610.  He was Burgess of Charles City, Virginia 1639 and Speaker of House.  Died 1663; Captain Thomas Hill, born 1612 England, died York County, Virginia 1659, married Mary Piersey.  John Hill born 1615; and Mary Hill born 1617.

Captain Thomas Hill was born in England in 1612 and came to America with his family.  Thomas was captain of the York County, Virginia militia.  He was elected Burgess in 1641.  In 1652 he patented 500 acres on the Potomac and 5000 acres in York County, Virginia.  He named them Essex Lodge, since called Washington Lodge being the headquarters of General George Washington.  In 1632 Captain Thomas Hill married Mary Piersey, daughter of Abraham Piersey and Elizabeth Draper, born 1613.  Captain Hill died in York County, Virginia in 1659.  Elizabeth Draper Hill died at Esssex Lodge in 1679.  Children of Thomas Hill and Mary Piersey were:  John Hill born 1633; Thomas Hill born October 6, 1634; Lydia Hill born August 1635; George Hill born June 18, 1637; Elizabeth Hill born May 14, 1638; Mary Hill born November 16, 1640 and Frances Hill born 1641. All of their children were born in York County, Virginia.

Major Thomas Hill was born in the Town of York, October 6, 1634.  He received a grant of 3000 acres from Jane, widow of Edward Bland, on the lower part of the James River.  Someone wrote that Thomas Hill had a fine house, sewed much hemp and flax, and had 40 Black slaves.  Thomas was Major in the Virginia Militia.  He married Frances.  Their children were:  Thomas Hill born May 14, 1654 born in York County, Virginia, died August 3, 1720 in Middlesex County, Virginia; He married Ann Russell; John Hill April 10, 1659; Edward Hill born 1600; Robert Hill born October 22, 1661; Charles Hill born 1665; Henry Hill born September 18, 1667; Elizabeth Hill born 1668; William Hill born 1670 and Frances Hill born 1674.

Thomas Hill was born York County, Virginia on May 14, 1658.  He died in Middlesex County, Virginia August 3, 1720.  He married Ann Russell May 16, 1677.  Ann was born 1660, a descendant of Sir William Russell who came to Virginia in 1620.  Thomas a Captain in the Middlesex County Militia Number 23 and a vestryman in Christ Church.  Birth and marriage records for the children of Thomas and Ann Hill are in the Christ Church Register (on line).  Their children were:  Mary Hill born February 14, 1678; Thomas Hill born May 22, 1680; Rebecca Hill born August 30, 1682; William Russell Hill born July 20, 1684 and married Frances Needles; Rebeca Hill born November 28, 1686; Isabella Hill born May 1, 1688; Richard Hill born April 20, 1689 and Russell Hill born February 22, 1716 in Middlesex County, Virginia. 

William Russell Hill was born July 20, 1684 in Middlesex County, Virginia.  He married Frances Needles September 7, 1710 in Middlesex County, Virginia.
Frances Needles born May 19, 1690 Middlesex County, Virginia.  She was the daughter of William Needles born about 1664 in Middlesex County, Virginia and Dorothy Mann born about 1666 in Middlesex County, Virginia.  These two families were members of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia.  The records of this churches register are on line.  William and Frances children were:  Thomas Hill born 20, May 1711; William Hill born 07 November 1712; Frances Hill born 26 January 1714; Richard Hill born 15 January 1715; Russell Hill born 22 Feb 1716;  Judith Hill born 02 June 1719; Needles Hill born 12 August 1725 and Anne Hill born 25 July 1730.  All of these children were born in Middlesex County, Virginia. They are all listed in the Christ Church Register Middlesex County, Virginia. This register is on line.

Frances Hill was born 26 January 1714 in Middlesex County, Virginia.  She married Burdette Clifton 15 July 1732 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia.  Frances died 1760 in St. Paul's Parish.  The marriage of Frances and Burdette and the births of their children are listed in the parish register.  The children of Frances and Burdette are:  Thomas Clifton born 20 April 1734; Burdette Clifton born 03 February 1636; Baldwin Clifton born 03 February 1636; Anne Clifton born 14 August 1737; Sarah Clifton born 14 April 1740; Elizabeth Clifton born 14 May 1743 and Jane Clifton born 14 May 1743. All of these children were born in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia.  Burdette and Baldwin are twins as are Elizabeth and Jane.

Thomas Clifton born 20 April 1734, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia married Anne Thomas about 1756 St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia.
Children: William born about 1756 and John Clifton born 20 February 1758, Stafford County, Virginia.  The records of the marriage and the birth of John is listed in the Register of St. Paul's Parish, on line. 

*John Clifton born 20 February 1758, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia married Nancy Jones of Halifax County, North Carolina. 

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