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Neale and Kathy Clifton

Neale and Kathy Clifton
Neale and Kathy Clifton

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Clifton's Collectibles Genealogy

Clifton Clan Chronicle

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Clifton Home Page

Confederate Soldiers In Our Soldiers Cemetery

History Of The Manual Portable Typewriter

Nancy Hart, Confederate Spy

Our Ancestors in the War Between The States

Our Ancestors in the American Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War: Battle of King's Mountain

Our Ancestors in the War Of 1812

Sixty-first Virginia Regiment, CSA


Family Genealogy

Clifton Newsletter

Clifton Newsletter Index

About Us and Our Hobbies

Confederate Soldiers Buried in Mt. Jackson, VA

Manual Typewriters - Early into 1950's

Historical Account of Nancy Hart's Life

Family Ancestors in the American Civil War

Family Ancestors in the American Revolution

Capsule Report of the Battle and family participation

Family Ancestors in the War of 1812

Rosters and History

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