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Knipp of Virginia

Neale's Knipps

Phillip Knipp our ancestor was born about 1775 in Pennsylvania. He married Catharine Lindemuth in Wythe County, Virginia. In the 1850 Wythe County, Virginia he was listed as 75 years old and his wife Nancy 51. Nancy was his second wife. Verner Knipp, Phillip and John Lindemuth lived in Rural Retreat, Virginia.

Phillip and Catharine Lindemuth Knipp, had as far as we can determine at this time, two daughters. Rachel Knipp who married Jacob Pressley and Rebecca.

Rebecca Knipp was born in Wythe County, Virginia about 1826. January 12, 1847 in Wythe County, Virginia she married Amos Privett.? The witness was Samuel Lindamood.

Rebecca Knipp and Amos Privett lived in Washington County, Virginia. Amos cannot be found after the 1850 census. Rebecca is listed in the 1860 as head of household with the children, youngest being 1 year old. They had seven children: Mary, Richard, Susan, Frances, John, Dorothula and Sarah.

Susan Carrie Privett married James Ervin Clifton February 1876, Washington County, Virginia. Susan died 12 February 1901. James was born in Russell County, Virginia, he and Susan had ten children: Mansford, Edward, Harriett Belle, Minnie L., Elmer Newton, Mary J., Gilbert Walker, and Claude Granville, Arthur Curtis, Eddie Garrett.

Claude Granville Clifton was born 13 March 1888, Washington County, Virginia. He married Nuni Carrie St. John, daughter of Andrew David and Julianne Dye St. John. He and Nuni are interred at Forest Hills Memory Gardens near Abingdon, Virginia.  The had three children: Buford James, Juanita C., and Eldridge.

Buford James Clifton was born 24 May 1913 Greendale, Virginia. He married Volga Farley 20 April 1935 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia. They are both buried in City Park Cemetery, Portsmouth, Virginia. They had one son: Lassister Neale Clifton.

Lassister Neale Clifton was born in Welch, West Virginia. When he was four the family moved to Portsmouth, Virginia. He married Katherine Carol the daughter of Curtis and Viola Livingston Williams of Sarasota, Florida. They have two children: Lassister Neale Jr., and Debra Lynn.

Lasssister Neale Clifton, Jr., was born Portsmouth, Virginia. He married Deborah Marie Ford and they had one son, David Wayne Clifton. Second he married Billie Morari and they have two daughters, Brandie and Jessica Lewis Clark. Jessica and Jeremy Clark have two boys, Conner and Aiden.

Debra Lynn Clifton was born Portsmouth, Virginia. She married Robert Deward Carlisle and they had five children: Kathleen Hope, Robert Curtis, Stephanie Diane, Robin Denise and William Thomas. Robert Derwood died in 1996. Secondly, Debra Lynn married Scott Beeler. There was no issue in that marriage. Third, she married Robert Mintz.

Kathleen Hope Carslile had  three children: Tristian Parker Carslisle (died shortly after birth), and with J. W. VanDalsum, Rheanna Michelle Van Dalsum and Raven Michelle Van Dalsum.  Robin  Denise Carlisle married Reese Durham and they have a child Terry Benjamin.  Stephanie Diane Carlisle has three children, Shyanne Lynne Carlisle. Christopher Eugene Helmkamp, Jr., and William Tristian Helmkamp.

Our thanks to Larry Thompson and Robert Knipp for supplying us with some of this information.

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