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Neale's Lindamoods of Germany, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

The Lindamoods are of German descent. There are many variations of the spelling
of this surname: Lindemuth, Lindemood and Lindamood are examples.

Anton Lindemuth was born in 1600 in Boedgiheim, Baden, (Germany) Roman Empire. He married unknown in 1628. Anton died before October 1653 in Boedigheim, (Germany) Roman Empire.  The couple had a son, Georg Lindemuth, born about 1630.
Georg Lindemuth was born about 1630 in Boedigheim, Baden (Germany) Roman Empire. He married Anne Mueller in Boedigheim, (Germany) Romn Empire[Christ Church].  Died: inknown. Georg and Anne had a son, Georg Lindemuth who was born in 1662.
Georg Lindemuth was born in 1662  in Boedgiheim, Baden, Germany. He married Anna Catharina Baurmann  23 November 1680.  Anna Catharina was born 18 December 1689 - died 24 December 1732.  She was the daughter of Sebastian and Magdelena Baurerman.  George Lindemuth died 25 May 1729.
Georg Lindemuth was born in Boedigheim, Baden Germany on 12 June 1709.   married Maria Anna Drach in Boedgiheim, Baden Germany on 13 January 1733.  Georg and family arrived to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania British  Colony, on Sunday, September 19, 1749, having traveled from Rotterdam and Cowes, England on the ship, Patience, captained by Hugh Steel. Also on the ship were first cousins, Georg Ludwig Lindemuth, born 2 November 1716, son Johann Georg Lindemuth, born 26 February 1688 and Regina Muellia.  His first wife, Barbara Keller died in Germany.
Georg Lindemuth and Maria Anna Drach's children were:
  • Johann Georg  moved to the Buck Hill area in Frederick County, Virginia, British Colony, now Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA, about 1752.
  • Christina
  • Christopher moved to the Buck Hill area in Frederick County, Virginia, British Colony now Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA, about 1752.
  • Maria Barbara
  • Maria Catharina,
  • Andreas moved to the Buck Hill area in Frederick County, Virginia, now Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA, about 1752.
  • Maria Elizabeth
  • Maria Anna
  • Michael moved to the Buck Hill area in Frederick County, Virginia, now Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA about 1752.

Information about Georg's brother,  John Michael a Revolutionary War Colonel,  will be forth comming. 
Johann Georg's brother, Georg Henrich Lindemuth (George Henry Lindamood), was among the signers, 24 April 1752, for an abstract of land with John Painter, Ulrick Myers and 13 others who signed a petition to Thomas Lord Fairfax requesting a warrant to survey 400 acres of land upon which the "Dutch chappel" or Zion Church had been erected. The request was granted. The request was signed by George Anmon, Johann Banawitz (Pennywitt), Johann Bender (Painter), Nikolaus Cuntz, Christian Dellinger, Adolpj, Markus Eller, Carl Fischer, Frederick Fischer, Frederick Fischer Jr., Michael Hahnlein, Georg Lindemuth, Georg Maurer, Johannes Mavis, Ulrich Myer, and Martin Roller. The land, at that time in Augusta County, Virginia.  

Johann Georg Lindemuth
married Maria Kelchner, daughter of George Michael and Elizabeth Stapleton Kelchner .   Their children were
Georg Heinrich*  born 29 August 1760 in Shenandaoh County, Virginia.
Johann (my ancestor ), was about 1764 in Shenandoah County, Virginia.     

 Johann Georg Lindemuth died when Johann was nine years old and Georg was twelve.   The two boys inherited about 400 acres of land in Shenandoah County, Virginia.  Georg Heinrich Lindemuth (Thunder George) remained in Shenandoah County, Virginia and married Mary Magdelene Blessing, daughter of Jacob Blessing.  George stayed in Shenandoah after Johann went to Wythe County, Virginia .  Years later, Georg and his family moved to Xenia, Greene County, Ohio.  The trip was so difficult.  Georg  died shortly after arriving,  25 December, 1837.   He is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Xenia, Green County, Ohio. 

 Johann Lindenmuth married Mary Magdalene Lindamood, 10 June 1781, Shenandoah County, Virginia.  They had eight children:
  •  Andrew Lindemuth
  •  Georg Mason Lindemuth and brother, Johann inherited 400 acres of land from their father Georg, prior to 1788. On 13, July 1788 they sold two hundred acres to Michael Decker.]
  •  Catharina Lindemuth 
  •  Johanne Lindemuth Jr. John (Johann) and wife, Mary Magdalene moved to Montgomery County, Virginia, now Wythe County, Virginia, U.S.A., about 1788. Johanne and brother George Henrich inherited 400 acres of land from their father Georg, prior to 1788. On 13, July 1788 they sold two hundred acres to Michael Decker.
  •  Elizabeth Lindemuth 
  •  Christina Lindemuth
  •  Mary Lindemuth 
  •  Rachel Lindemuth
  • Benjamin Lindamuth
Johann and wife, Mary Magdaline Lindamuth at this point were in  Wythe County, Virginia and Georg Heinrich in Shenandaoh County, Virginia. On August 4, 1788 it is recorded that Johann and Mary Magdalene conveyed all of his rights and title of said land to George Henry (Hienrich) Lindamude containing 200 acres of land lying on the drains of Mill Creek in the County of Shenandoah County, Virginia. Johann  died 10 August 1829 in Wythe County, Virginia . The couple had a daughter, Catharina Lindemuth, born in Wythe County Virginia 13 April 1786.
We think Georg and his brother Johann, changed their surnames to Lindamood sometime after their father died.  According to Marvin Lindemuth in, THE LINDENMUTH FAMILY IN AMERICA, pulished in 1998,  this family changed the name to LINDAMOOD when they moved from Berks County, Pennsylvania to Shenendoah County, Virginia  in 1752.

Catharina Lindemuth, daughter of  Johann Lindamood and Mary Magdalene Lindermuth, was born Shenandoah County, Virginia 13, April 1786 and died in 1825 in Wythe County, Virginia. Catharina married Phillip Knipp, a son of Verner Knipp and Christeener Philli.  Catharina had two daughters,

  • Rachel
  • Rebecca

Rebecca Knipp was married 12 January 1847 Wythe County, Virginia to Amos Privett.
They had six children:

  • Mary
  • Richard
  • Susan Carrie
  • John
  • Dorthula
  • Sarah
Amos must have died prior to 1860 as he is not listed on the census for that year.

Susan Carrie Privette born 10 March 1851 Washington County, Virginia, a British Colony, married James Ervin Clifton in February 1876 Washington County, Virginia. Susan died 12 February 1901 and is interred at Garrett Cemetery.  James Ervin married a second time  to Nancy Bott. James E. Clifton is also interred  at Garrett Cemetery, near Abingdon, Virginia.

Susan and James' children:

  • Mansford Clifton
  • Edward Clifton
  • Harriett Belle Clifton
  • Minnie Clifton
  • Elmer Newton Clifton
  • Mary J. Clifton
  • Gilbert Walker Clifton
  • Claude Granville Clifton 1
  • Eddie Garret Clifton.

1Claude Granville Clifton married Nuni Carrie St. John daughter of Andrew David and Julianna Dye St. John. Claude and Nuni's children: Buford James, Juanita and Eldridge. Claude Granville and Nuni Carrie St. John Clifton are interred at Forest Hills Memorial Gardens near Abingdon, Virginia. For more information about the Clifton line follow this link.

Buford James Clifton was born 24 May 1913 in Greendale, Virginia. He married Volga Farley, 20 April 1935 in Welch, West Virginia. They had one son, Lassister Neale Clifton. Volga Farley Clifton died 5 November 1965 in Portsmouth, Virginia and is interred at Olive Branch Cemetery in Portsmouth. Buford James Clifton died 5 July 1981 in Portsmouth Virginia and is interred at Olive Branch Cemetery in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Lassister Neale Clifton was born in Welch, West Virgnia and married Katherine Carol Williams   in Sarasota Florida. They had two children: Lassister Neale, Jr. and Debra Lynn.

For more information see : Knipp and Clifton

*Thanks to Susan McConnell for information about the move of Georg Lindemuth/George Lindamood to Ohio

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