Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the Manual Portable Typewriter

Sun Portable
Sun Portable
The Sun portable of 1901 vintage was the first front stroke,
typebar - keylever visible portable typewriter

The portable typewriter grew from the era of the Sun portable to almost rule the industry in quantity of machines
manufactured and sold..

The portable incorporated many of the features of the office sized manual typewriter, including manually set margins,
keyset tabulators, touch controls, shifting segments ins some models instead of shifting carriages, and eventually
wide carriages.

A fine quality manual portable sold for around $50.00 in 1925.

A Short Listing Of Early American Made
Manual Portables

Albertson 1912
Allen 1918
Automatic*  (Picture) 1883
Barlock 1914
Barr Universal*  (Picture) 1926
Bennett*    (Picture) 1910
Blickensderfer*  (Picture) 1893
Blick-Ninety 1919
Champion 1891
Commercial 1901
1922Corona 1906
Crandall 1879
Dayton*     (Picture) 1924
Ford 1895
Fountain 1898
Fox Baby*   (Picture) 1917
Garbell 1920
Hall 1886
Keystone 1899
Leggatt 1922
McCool 1921
National 1917
Official 1901
Postal 1902
Portex 1922
Remington #1 Port.* (Pict.) 1923
Roberts Ninety 1922
Rochester 1896
Royal Portable 1930
Smith-Corona Portable 1931
Standard Folding 1907
Sun*      (Picture) 1885
Underwood Portable 1919
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Edited 12 July 2011