Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the Manual Portable Typewriter

A Few Pictures of
American Made Portables
Enjoy the pictures and historical information about the Automatic, Bennett, Blickensdorfer, Dayton, Fox, Remington, and Sun manual portable typewriters. It will become obvious, this is just a small  sampling
of pictures. I hope to add to this time goes on.

The Automatic was blind (could not see print as you were typing), universal keyboard( 3-bank), portable, manufactured in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1883. The inventor: E. M. Hamilton.
Automatic Portable Typewriter
Barr Universal Barr Universal was a visible standard keyboard portable manufactured in New York, New York in 1926

The Bennett was a visible, with a universal 3 bank keyboard portable manufactured in in Harrisnonburg, PA in 1910.
Bennett Portable
Blickensderrfer Portable Typewriter The Blickensderfer was a visible with a universal 3-bank keyboard portable manufactured in Stamfiord, CT, manufactured in 1893.  The inventor was G. C. Blickensderfer.

This was a typewheel, or type cylinder machine. This unit as well as others of it's class, such as the Crandall (1879), Hammond (1886), and Chicago (1890).

Machines of this type were competitive into the 1920's.

The Dayton was a visible, had a standard keyboard portable, manufactured in Dayton, OH. 

This typewriter entered the market in 1924. This 4-bank visible weighed 12 lbs. and was priced to sell for $35.00 retail.

Dayton Portable Typewriter
Fox Baby Portable Typewriter The Fox Baby was a visible portable typewriter with a universal keyboard (3- bank). Manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI in 1917, it was invented by Henry  P. Nordmark
The Remington No. 1 Portable was a visible with a standard keyboard. It was manufactured in Elmira, NY in 1923. 

This portable had a 4-bank single shift standard keyboard. Office sized machines influenced the trend toward this style of keyboards on portables. 
The trend toward this type of keyboard influenced the manufacture of machines such as the Corona and Dayton 4-banks in 1924 and the Royal and Underwood with similar machines in 1926.

His sounded the "death knell" for the 3-bank universal type keyboards.

Remington Portable Typewriter
Sun Portable Typewriter The Sun was a visible portable, with a universal 3-bank keyboard, double shift mechanism. It was invented by Less S. Burridge and manufactured in 1885. A 1901 Model is shown here.
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