Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the Manual Portable Typewriter

A Few Pictures of Post WW 2
American Made Portables
Enjoy the pictures and historical information about these Remington, Royal, Smith Corona
and Underwood portables.  Again, it is obvious, this is just a small  sampling of pictures of
Post WW2 machines. I hope to add to this time goes on.

Remington Quietriter Manual Portaable Manufactured in 1956 By Remington Rand, the Quiet-Riter was one of several Remington portables.  Also included:  Office-Riter, Letter-Riter and Travel-Riter
The Royal Quiet Deluxe, was one of several portables manufactured by Royal in the mid 50's. Also, there was the Aristocrat, Senior Companion and the Royalite. Royal Quiet Delouxe
Smith Corona Sterling Manual Portable The Smith Corona Sterling had a segment shift, no tabulator and had 42 keys
The Underwood Deluxe Q-Tab had a segment, key set tabulator and 42 keys. Underwood Deluxe Manual Portable

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Modified 12 July 2011