Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the Manual Portable Typewriter

Pictures and History of Some Early Manual
Portables Made In Countries Other
Than the USA
Here you will find pictures of the Brosette, made in Germany, the Consul, manufactured in
Czechoslovakia, the Empire from England, Everest, made in Italy, and Hermes manufactured
in Switzerland

Brosette Portable Typewriter The Brosette was manufactured in Coburg, Germany in 1953. It had a carriage shift, no tab and a 43 key standard keyboard..  It weighed 13 lbs..
The Consul, a visible portable, was manufactured in 1952 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It had a segment shift, and keyset tab.  The standard keyboard had 44 keys - 88 characters. Consul Manual Portable Typewriter
Empire Manual Portable typewriter The Empire was a "visible" manufactured in 1924 in West Bromwick, England.  It had a carriage shift, no tabulator and had a universal keyboard with 42 keys. It weighed 9 lbs.
The Everest portable was manufactured in Italy in 1938.It was a "visible" with a standard keyboard.  Everest Manual Portable
Hermes Portable The Hermes "2000" was manufactured in 1940 Yverdon,Switerland. The standard keyboard had 44 keys. It was equiped with tabs and auto, margines.  The weight was 12 lbs..

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