Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the Manual Portable Typewriter

  New Manual Portable Typewriter

Here you see the current Olivetti manual portable now offered
on the web site of Clifton Commercial Concepts since mid 2004
Olivetti Lettera 25 Manual Portable Typewriter
Model MS25 Premier Plus


49 Keys
86 Signs
2 shift keys
Linespace Lever
Space Bar
Space Bar Repeat Key
8 Tab Stops
Plastic Housing
Variable Linespace
Margin Stop
Paper Release Lever
Paper Bail

Carriage Lock Lever
Back Spacer
Ribbon Color Selector
Carriage Length: 24.8 cm
Paper Width: 24.5 cm
Typing width: 21.5 cm
Typestyle: Pica 87
Plastic Carrying Case
Retail Price: $129.00

At present, there are no other new manual portable typewriters offered. I have learned there has been a short run of this model
with the  ROYAL name plate affixed..
Click here if you are interested in purchasing this machine.

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Modified 12 July 2011