Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the Manual Portable Typewriter

There were may keyboads in the early days. There was the Sholes, Universal 1879 - 1924,
Ideal, Automatic 1881, Fitch 1886, Prouty in 1888, Dvorak, Standard. Not all of them were on
the portable. Pictured below are the Universal and Standard keyboards.
Universal Keyboard, 3 bank

Standard Keyboard, 4 bank
This keyboard is more familiar, but there have been some changes made and keys added

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Typebar Mechanism

Keylever linked to typebar mechanism as modified A. E. Beach in 1865
The keylever linked to typebar mechanism was invented by a Frenchman, Xavier Projean in 1833.
This type of mechanism provides quick key action and visible impressions.  It is the basic system
still used in this type of machine today.  A. E. Beach has been credited with inventing  the method of
type striking  at a common center in 1856, which improved the keylever linked to typebar mechanism

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