Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the
Manual Portable Typewriter

Is anyone manufacturing a manual portable typewriter in today's market?  Does the "need" even exist?
The answer to both questions is, YES!

I have been in the office equipment industry  for many years. When I witnessed the cessation of manual (and)
electric portable  manufacturing by Smith Corona, I figured, "This is truly the end for this type of equipment."

If there is a resurrection, Why?

About five years ago we saw three familiar sounding machines on the market. And, there was also a machine made in India available.
After having witnessed a pleasant resurgence in interest concerning the "lowly" manual portable, I must say the list of new machines
has narrowed once more

This type of machine will never have the renown it once had, but there are many reasons for it's rebirth.
People still find the manual portable desirable when and where there is no electricity. Some folks just miss the mechanical
action, or "feel" of the machine.  Some of the more mature citizens, just don't want to mess with the electronic machines.
Some people can "think" better when creating material while using the mechanical writing machine. There are many

SO! Since there is a need, the manual portable is being manufactured!
Olivetti MS25 Premier Plus Manual Portable Typewriter
Olivetti Model MS25 Premier Plus
is a current machine

However, These machines are now out of production
Olivetti Lettera 25Olivetti Lettera 35
The Olivetti Lettera 25 and Lettera 35 are deceased
Olympia Traveller C Manual Portable Typewriter
The Olympia Traveller C is  deceased


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  Edited 14 December 2005