Dead or Resurrected?
A Short Story of the
Manual Portable Typewriter

Blickensderfer  (About 1895) Characters are on an upright cylinder. Photo by Wescott Company (
The Blickensdefer has an upright printing cylinder and a carrying case,
making it not only among the first printwheel, or single typing element
machines, but a manual portable as well.

There are many inventors who made contributions in the early history of the typewriter, starting with Henry Mill, who
attempted to fabricate a typewriting machine  in1713. Due to the work done by Pellegrino and Ravizza from Italy,
Conti, Perrot and others from France, Hughes from England, and many Americans, Burt, Thurber, Fairbanks Jones,
Thomas and House that the first successful was produced by Christopher Sholes.

This, however, is not an attempt to recount the history of the typewriter. The manual portable is the subject.
of these pages. I have made no attempt to provide all inclusive information. The attempt here is to briefly cover
the long history of the portable typewriting machine into the 1950's.

Included is information about the most recent removals and additions  to the manual portable typewriter market.



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