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Cliftons of Virginia
Ancestors of Neale Clifton

John Clifton Henry County, VA
John Clifton
Martin J. Clifton
This photo was given to me by Nettie Clifton and Vivian Evans. Fred Allen of Surgoinsville, TN has the original. John is Martin J. Clifton's father Copies of this photo were also given to me by Nettie Clifton, and Vivian Evans. Fred Allen also has the original of this one. Martin's remains are buried in a small cemetery on Fred's farm.
Elias Clifton
James E. Clifton
This is an enlargement of Elias from the photo on the "home page" of Clifton's Collectibles. Picture was given to me by Georgie Kessner. Elias is one of Martin J. Clifton's sons. This photo of James E. Clifton is from the collection of James' grandson, Buford J. Clifton. James is a son of Elias C.

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