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Farley's of McDowell County,
West Virginia

William Thomas Farley
William Thomas Farley

This picture (above) taken in his living room in August, Tom's Mountain (named after him), near Brown's Creek, Welch West Virginia by Neale Clifton. The big, dark colored "box" to his left was a battery powered crystal radio. He enjoyed listening to afternoon radio programs such as, Captain Midnight & Tom Mix. Later, in the day, he liked Gangbusters, Inner Sanctum and other programs of that time, such as Jack Benny, Bob Hope, etc. He had no electricity. Spring water was approximately a quarter mile away from the house. Lighting at night was furnished by kerosene lamps. His refrigerater was a "cellar," dug into the hillside next to the house; the tempurature was maintained much like a small cave, year round. At the age of 75 he was still farming and mining his own coal for heat. He split wood for cooking. In his old age, he had a mule to help him with farming and hauling. In 1954, he lost his spring water due to dynamiting in the Brown's Creek area and eventually had to move to Portsmouth, VA.

W.T. Farley (pictured at right)  is at the beloved Royal Model 10 typewriter he recieved from his son-in-law, owner of Clifton Typewriter Exchange in Crab Orchard, West Virginia. Buford Clifton always kept this machine in good repair. Picture taken by Neale Clifton in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1955.

W. T. Farley / WV Certificate For Years Of Service In Public Education

My grandfather was extremely proud of years of dedicated service in public education. This certificate always was in a prominent place.

He also served as a truant officer.
Tom Farley at his beloved Royal Model 10 typewriter
William Thomas Flarley
William Thomas Farley
Lucy Alice Clay Farley-Portsmouth, Virginia-1955
Lucy Alice Clay Farley
No picture or information available about the first daughter, Edowa, who
apparently died either at birth,or very young.
Glattrus Farley, second daughter
Glattrus Farley, second daughter
Volga Farley, third daughter
Volga Farley, third daughter

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