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Letterhead crossed entire top of sheet. Was designed by W. T. farley's daughter, Volga around 1948.

Letterhead crossed entire top of sheet. Was designed by W. T. Farley's daughter, Volga around 1948.. William Thomas continued to use the letterhead,  changing  the color to a dark blue and changing the address to  Portsmouth, Virginia in 1954.
Neale(Buddy) Blackie1st dog,Tom and Lucy Farley

Buddy (Neale) Clifton, with his
first dog, Blackie, at this time (1948) was living with Tom and Lucy Clay Farley
Sisters: Glattrus and Volga
                      Daughters of W.T. and Lucy Alice: Glattrus and Volga and Pal (our dog)
about 1945 in Virginia

WT (Tom) Farley with his trusty mule and Neale in foreground. 1948
W. T (Tom) Farley with trusty mule, Betsy. Ten year old grandson, Neale being of not much use here, is the spectator in the foreground. Picture by Buford Clifton 1948.

Tom had been mining and hauling his coal to the house by man power, harnessing himself up and pulling the loaded sled slightly down hill to his abode and  the empty back up to the mine until he reached the age of 70. Then his daughters and sons-in-law  purchased Betsy  The mule made his many hauling chores easier.  Of course he had to raise a lot of corn for Betsy. That's about the time he was bitten by an unfriendly copperhead snake. But, that's another story, which had a good ending. He had many more years to talk about it if one could  just get him to do it..

Lucy Clay Farley holding a rock hich is as black as coal from their mine
Lucy Alice Clay Farly holding a rock, black as coal, that Tom got out of their mine several years before and gave it to Neale. When the Farleys moved to Portsmouth, Virginia in 1954, Neale gave it back to them.
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