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 Curtis Williams Family 

First, we have Viola Livingston and  Curtis Williams after they were married in Orlando, Florida on June 19, 1937.  Then we have Curtis with their first daughter, Katherine. Other photos include the family in front of their trailor home, Curtis at work ,  Kathy at ages one and five, and their second daughter, Sherry at age one.
Curtis and Viola Williams on their Wedding daFloriday in Orlando,Florida
Curtis and Viola Williams in Orlando, Florida on their Wedding Day
Kathy and dad-Curtis Williams
Kathy at about two months with her dad , Curtis Williams
Viola Cirtis Williams with Kathy
Viola, Kathy in back, and Curtis Williams
Kathy Williams at one year old
Viola, Kathy and Curtis Williams at first trailor home 
Viola, Kathy (age about Five) and Curtis Williams 
Kathy Williams at 5 years old
Katherine Williams at age 5 
Curtis Williams 1945
Curtis at work in Orlando in 1945
Sherry Williams, age about 1 year
Sherry Williams, age about 1 year
More of the Curtis Williams Family

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