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Curtis Williams Family 

Below - top row, you see Curtis , enjoying a smoke, and Sherry and Kathy enjoying each other.  Second row is Anna Livingston enjoying life and Viola working on Sherry's shoe.  Next to them is Sherry, Viola, Curtis and Kathy anticipating a trip in their new car.  Next row is a family get together.  Skip a few years to the next row: On the left there are three generations: grandmother, mother and daughter-grand daughter. Now, Debra is a grandmother too! But, that's another picture.  Next, are the sisters again. Kathy is sitting again and Sherry is standing again.  But now, Sherry is showing off her accomplishments as a beautician. 
Curtis Williams
Curtis Williams taken at Jimmy and Marigold Middleton's
house, sister to Viola Williams, in Orlando. Florida

Sherry and Kathy
Sherry and Kathy Williams taken at Jimmy and Marigold
Middleton's house, sister to Viola Williams.  in Orlando, Florida

Anna Loretta G. Livingston and Viola Livingston Williams
Viola Williams in background with her mom, Anna L. Grant
Livingston, Sherry is standing on picnic table behind Anna.
Viola is tying Sherry's shoe.

Viola and Sherry and Curtis and Kathy
Viola and Sherry on left - Curtis and Kathy Williams  with their new ride
Curtis Williams and family 1952
Left to right: Curtis Williams, hidden by tree, Sherry Williams, hidden by pole, Carson Cunningham,
Anna Loretta G. Livingston,  Paul Livingston, Katherine and Viola Williams

Orlando, Florida 1952
Viola Williams (middle) Debbie Clifton Mintz (left)Kathy Williams Clifton (right
Viola Williams (middle) Debra Lynn Clifton Mintz, grand  daughter
 (left), daughter, Katherine Williams Clifton (right) Debra's mom.

Sherry giving Kathy a tirm
Yes.  That is Sherry giving Kathy a trim.  
A few years have passed since the picture at the top of this page
was taken.  Sherry is an exceptional beautician.
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