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Clifton men
James E. Clifton (on rear wagon wheel), with three unidentified men, probably his sons. Picture taken in
Washington County, Virginia around 1920.
From the collection of Buford J. Clifton. James E. Clifton was my (Neale's) great grandfather.
In addition to pictures already displayed throughout our pages we have other photographs we hope will be of interest to you. We have a feeling this is an area which will always be under construction. Look around and enjoy! 
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John Clifton: Virginia
Martin J. Clifton: Virginia and Tennessee
Elias C. Clifton: Virginia
James E. Clifton: Virginia

Eldridge Clifton: Washington Co., VA
James E. Clifton: Washington Co., VA
Nancy Bott Clifton: Washington Co., VA

Lena Clifton: Washington Co., VA
James Ervin Clifton: Washington Co., VA
Curtis Clifton: Washington Co., VA
Susan Carrie Privitt Clifton: Washington Co., VA
Elmer (Bud) Clifton: Washington Co., VA
Heddie or Minnie Clifton: Washington Co., VA
Mary Clifton: Washington Co., VA
Claude Clifton: Washington Co., VA

Claude & Nunie St. John Clifton: Wash. Co., VA

William Thomas Farley in living room: 
Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia

W. Thomas certificate of service to West Virginia
W. T. Farley: Welch, West Virginia
W. T. Farley at typewriter: Portsmouth, VA
Lucy Alice Clay Farley: Portsmouth, VA
Glattrus Farley: Welch, West Virginia
Volga Farley: Welch,West Virginia

Photo Tribute To Volga Farley,
Welch, West Virginia and Portsmouth, Virginia

W. T. Farley's letter head
W. T. Farley with Betsy (mule)  & grndson, Neale,: Welch
W.T. & Lucy Farley, Neale and Blackie (dog): Welch

Lucy Farley holding rock from their mine: VA
Glattrus Spangler & Volga Clifton, Virginia

Curtis and Viola Williams wedding day
Kathy at about two months with Curtis (dad)
Viola, Kathy in back, and Curtis Williams
Kathy Williams at one year old
Viola, Kathy (age about Five) and Curtis Williams
Viola, Kathy (age about Five) and Curtis Williams
Curtis Williams at work in Orlando in 1945
Sherry Williams, age about 1 year

Curtis Williams taken at Jimmy and Marigold Middleton's  house
Sherry & Kathy Williams taken at Jimmy and Marigold Middleton's house 
Viola Williams in background with her mom, Anna
Viola & Sherry on left - Curtis & Kathy Williams  with their new ride
Family get together at the Williams home
Debra Mintz, Viola Williams & Kathy Clifton
Sherry giving sister, Kathy a trim
Curtis and Viola Williams Portsmouth, VA
Curtis Williams Key West, FL
Viola Williams Tenessee
Kathy C., Viola W., Debbie M., Hope V., Rheanna V., Zuni, VA

Glattrus Farley & RayDuwel: Welch, West Va.
Glattrus (Farley) & Ray Duwel: Ohio

Clattrus (Farley), Tommy & Ray Duwel: Ohio
Glattrus & son, Tommy in 1931

Glattrus Farley Duwel about 1929
Ray Duwel about 1931

Glattrus about 1930
Ray Duwel

Tommy Duwel school picture 1931
Tommy, Glattrus, cats and Ray's father?

Glattrus Farley (Spangler) McCurry: Cemetery, Portsmouth, VA
Lewis M. Spangler: Cemetery, Ports., VA
W. T. Farley: Cemetery, Portsmouth, VA
Lucy A. Clay Farley: Cemetery, Ports., VA
Buford J. Clifton: Cemetery, Ports., VA
Volga Farley Clifton: Cemetery, Ports. VA
Virginia M. Clifton: Cemetery, Ports. VA

Jefferson amd Sarah Price Dye   Virginia
Julianna Dye St. John   Virginia

Nuni St. John Clifton, Preston and Pearl St. John

Andrew David St. John:  Virginia
Juliana Dye St. John: Virginia
Preston Wolf St. John: Virginia
Nuni Carrie St. John Clifton: Virginia
Preston St. John home in Meadoview: Virginia
Nuni St. John Clifton home in Greendale: Virginia


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