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The First Dynasty of Counts of Anjou

Ingeler (or, Ingelgarius) Orlèans de Anjou, Count of Anjou was born circa 850 at Rennes, Brittany, and believed to be a son of Tortulf and  Petronilla.  It is not known the exact time Ingelger, a viscount who held land around Orléans and Angers, was appointed Count of Anjou.  During that period,  the county stretched only as far west as the Mayenne River. Later sources credit his appointment to his defense of the region from Vikings. Modern scholars have been more likely to see the appointment as a result of his wife's influential relatives. He was buried in the church of Saint-Martin at Châteauneuf. He was succeeded by his son Fulk the Red..  He was the founder of the Angevin dynasty. Ingeler married Elendis of Ambrose and died in 899.

Fulk the Red de Anjou, Count of Anjou was born circa 880. He became the count after Ingeler died in 899. He enlarged the domain when he conquered Touraine and drove out the Normans. Fulk married Rosalie of Loches, He died circa 941, and was succeeded by his youngest son, Fulk II, the Good.

Fulk II  the Good de Anjou, Count of Anjou  was born circa 910 in Anjou. He was also known as le Rèchin. He married Gerverga de Gatinais of Maine in 929. He fought no wars, because in his time peace had already been made with the Normans. Fulk the second, the lover of all goodness, lived in peace, and was diverted by his studies of ecclesiastical piety and religion. He gave liberally to the church from his own pocket, as he greatly esteemed the cult and the honor of the Church of God.  Falk II died 11 November 958 in Tours, Neustria.

Geoffrey Greymantle de Anjou, Count of Anjou was born circa 938.  He allied Anjou with Nantes against Rennes. Geoffrey was one of the men responsible for bringing Hugh Carpet to the throne of France.  He married Adele of Meaux, a daughter of Robert of Vermandois and Adelais Vergy. Geoffrey died at the siege of Marcon, near Château-du-Loir, in 987.

Fulk III the Black de Anjou, Count of Anjou was born circa 966.  He was the son of Geoffry Greymantle. He had his first wife, Elizabeth of Vendome burned to death in her wedding dress to punish her for adultery. Secondly, he married Hildegard of Sundgauadded and had a son, Geoffrery II de Anjou and Emmengarde de Anjou. He came into conflict with the Counts of Rennes. H conquered and slew Conan I of Rennes at the Battle of Conquereuil on 27 June 992. He extended his power over the Counties of Maine and Touraine.  He died at Metz, while on pilgrimage.

Geoffrey II Martel de Anjou, Count of Anjou was born 1006, the only son of  Fulk the Black and Hildegard of Sundgauadded. Geoffrey added to the Angevin dominions by conquering Maine and Touraine, but died without a male heir.  The Gesta Normannorum Ducum records of him 'a treacherous man in every respect, frequently inflicted assaults and intolerable pressure on his neighbours'. They had no children.

See Plantagenet to continue this line.

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