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This is a collateral line. I am hoping some one will be able to give me more information on
Mary Adaline Williams who was the wife of Asa Tilmon Randolph.
Asa Tilmon and Mary Adaline Williams Randolph
Asa Tilmon and wife, Mary Adaline Williams Randolph

James Randolph, Sr. was born about 1720/25. He died in Caswell, NC. His wife's name was Margaret. James and Margaret had a son Abraham.

Abraham Randolph was born in 1760/62 in Virginia. He married September 8, 1792, Lydia Dill in Greenville, SC. Lydia was born 1767 in Kent, DE. She died October 4, 1847 in Walker Co., AL. Abraham died April 29, 1837 in Lawrence, AL. Abraham and Lydia had John D.

John D. Randolph was born in Greenville, S. C. in 1795. He married Frances Brown, May 23, 1824 in Lawrence, AL. Frances was born 1796 in Dill, SC. James died February 1870 in Walker Co., AL. Frances died about 1847 in Walker Co., AL. John and Frances had a child James J.

James J. Randolph was born October 2, 1833 in Lawrence, AL. He married Alice Drucilla Poe in Alabama. Alice was born July 1832 in AL. James died October 16, 1888 in Walker Co., AL. James and Alice's child Asa Tilmon.

Asa Tilmon Randolph was born June 10, 1872 in Walker Co., AL. He married Mary Adaline Williams in 1892. James died March 4, 1956 in Walker Co., AL
Mary Adaline Williams, the wife of Asa Tilmon Randolph, was born October 6, 1870 in Walker Co., AL. She died June 13, 1954. Asa and Mary are buried at Old Zion Cemetery, Nauvoo, Walker Co., AL. Mary was known as Addie. Mary and Tilmon had two daughters, Nettie Maybell and Ora Clementine. Mary Adaline Williams was the daughter of Washington W. and Susan Delilah Poor Williams. She was my grandfather's sister.

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